Whenever the word video game is heard, GTA undoubtedly pops up in every gamer’s mind. Ever since GTA Vice City launched in 2002, the GTA series has been a sensation. Additionally, GTA 5 went on to become one of the greatest games of our time. Therefore, GTA 6 is highly anticipated and this anticipation gives birth to a lot of leaks and rumors.

New Leaks

There has been news that GTA 6 story and narrative have been finished but we still don’t have a release date yet. Earlier a rumor suggested that GTA 6 is set to launch in 2025 with two protagonists and an evolving map. It was also derived from previous leaks that the map would feature a modern version of Vice City.

Hours ago, a new leak showcasing screenshots from the early stages of development of the game surfaced online. A Reddit user claimed to have received these images while playing with a “high-ranked member” in the community. He stated that the industry insider shared some details and images, but they were taken down immediately. Since the game is in the early stages of development, most people don’t believe it, and some have speculated that these images might be from the benchmark tests of other games.

Not very convincing

Still, if we are to believe and analyze these images, the head’s up display looks pretty similar to GTA 5. We see the map in the bottom left corner of the screen and some other technical details and numbers on the bottom panel. They could be coordinates or other details of the current frame or they could simply be real-time results while testing the game.

This leak doesn’t quite convince us or anyone, for that matter, majorly because it is in very early stages and it’s not quite possible to have a playable demo ready as of now.  The most believable leaks and rumors, as of now, remain the evolving map leak and the return of the Vice City map. We might be in for a long wait till we receive any official information. Well, one can only hope!

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