Sony PS5 Holiday Discount: Price Cut Incoming?

A topic that’s often in the conversation among those wanting to buy a PlayStation 5 is the PS5 Holiday Discount. Holidays tend to bring in more demand and higher sales. Many developers offer their products at discounts as more people are willing to buy. It has been historically accurate for games, but what about highly demanded consoles like the PS5?

Tackling the Biggest Challenge

The PS5 is two years old, yet it’s still barely in homes because of a persistent problem, supply. Chip shortage is one of the problems that have plagued Sony since they first released the next-gen console in 2020. Their ability to produce new units still doesn’t meet the demand, and as a result, the price of the console hasn’t changed. Prices even increased after Sony made moves to cut weight off their newer models.

By around August, Sony announced they were ramping up production in hopes of having more units to sell by the holiday season. Quarter four has always been the most lucrative time for PlayStation consoles. The demand is high, and many games are available at a discount. The recent changes to PlayStation Plus indicate that the company wants to bring more units into circulation.

Should We Expect a Price Cut This Holiday Season?

Many experts believe we’re far from getting a price cut soon. Demand is still high, meaning Sony has no reason to lower prices. We’ll likely get lower prices on multiple games and Sony exclusives. They may even add more offerings to PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers.

As for the console prices, we can examine how Sony treated the previous PlayStation units as an indication. There are very few instances where PlayStation lowered prices of their console. It stayed the same, only getting temporary discounts when they wanted to get more sales at a given period.

Usually, they’ll release exclusive versions of their consoles, priced higher. There’s also reason to believe that they could be producing a PS5 Slim or a PS5 Pro version down the line. How they’re priced compared to today’s units remains to be seen.

What Should I Do if I Want to Buy a PS5 This Holiday Season?

If you’ve been waiting for two years to buy the PlayStation 6 at a discount, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Getting one in the open market right now is difficult because of scalping and the high demand. The best move to make right now is to make reservations and start putting aside money for a brand-new unit. You’ll have two months before people begin buying and chasing after releases on shelves. Landing one before then will give you the advantage.

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Learn about reservation policies in different stores or visit them. You may also want to learn when they stock units and check them these days. Some people often back out of reservations, and you can swoop in to get a brand-new console.

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