Are you ready for Spooktober? Oops, we mean October! A new month means new special offers. And of course, you would want to know what Steam has in-store for you. Here’s what you want to look forward to from Steam’s special offers for October 2022. The Steam Sale offers include events like Steam Next Fest and the much-awaited Steam Scream Fest. If you’re ready to know what you’ll expect this coming month in detail, then keep on reading.

Steam Special Offers for October 2022

This isn’t new to Steam, but we can’t blame you if you forgot, so we’re here to remind you to set your alarms. There are a few events and sales for this month in the shop, so you better have your Steam Wallet ready when it strikes October.

Significantly, leaks and rumors have always been attached to any news we may have. As the spooky month draws nearer, a handful of leaks and rumors may come your way. If you’re up for some, make sure to check your social media platforms and online forums for those. But wait, how would you know what to wait and look at out for? Got you!

Steam Scream Fest

First stop, less than a month from now, Steam will offer a Halloween treat for all. Let us introduce Steam’s Scream Fest which would run from October 25th to November 1!

Steam special offers October 2022 SCREAM FEST
Image Courtesy of Steam

If you don’t want to go trick or treating for sweets and munchies, maybe having a treat for your gaming is a great alternative, right? Say, if you love (or at least enjoy) spooky games, you’ll love this when it drops. For the eligible games this Halloween fest, here are as follows:

    • Horror 
    • Survival Horror
    • Vampires
    • Werewolves
    • Supernatural
    • Dark Fantasy
    • Lovecraftian

We can expect that games from these genres may have spooky discounts during the Scream Fest. No specific titles yet, but we hope we’ll learn them soon!

We’re also hoping that you know that you have to register for this one. If you don’t know, we’ll simply walk you through it. You just have to register your game/s, along with the in-game events.

  • There are certain Halloween-themed games that Steam would invite during the Steam Scream Fest. Just make sure you’re subscribed to the option “Receive Steamworks Communication”. In this way, you’ll get notified once they start sending the invitations out.
  • From there, you can get an option to pick which eligible games you’d like to be playing. Once you register your game (a simple tick on the checkbox would do the work), you’ll get to see the list of games there, and find your preferred game there.
  • On the other hand, if you plan to have or add Halloween-themed in-game events in your games, make sure that your game is eligible! There are a few here-and-there updates about it, so might as well check out its documentation at the link attached!
Steam Scream Fest Halloween October 2022
Image Courtesy of Steam
  • Best way to not forget this? Allow your “Receive Steamworks Communication” permission, and get up to date with the upcoming Steam Scream Fest!

Next Fest

Another Steam special offer for October 2022 is this event. Okay, this is coming in a few days, and here’s what you have to know. If you are not familiar, Steam Next Fest is a multi-day event for the new, upcoming games in the shop.

  • Although there is no rumored list of possible games in the Next Fest, we can’t help but be excited. The celebration runs from October 3rd to October 10th, 2022. So we can expect to try out demos, converse with developers, get updated with the live streams, and of course, learn about the new arrival games.
Steam special offers October 2022 NEXT FEST
Image Courtesy of Steam
  • If you are part of the Next Fest people who were able to register your new game last July for demos and all, you may look into this.
  • While as a gamer, ready to feast your eyes once the event starts, because your homepage would have numerous games just for you.

Are you ready for Spooktober on Steam?

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