Gamers should be very accustomed to Alien Artifacts by now, as the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is now six weeks old. However, in case you’re unfamiliar with them, here’s a quick rundown.

Alien Artifacts

  • Alien Artifacts are an extraterrestrial monetary system that you can use to customize the latest Kymera cosmetic. They show up every week of Season 7 and their locations change every week.
  • Every week, different artifacts emerge on the map. You can gather these by merely finding them and walking through them. Gamers may use the Artifacts to activate new Kymera looks.
  • The Legendary Quests will be up tomorrow, the 14th of July, followed by the Epic Quests on the 15th.

Week 6 Alien Artifact Locations

Catty Corner The Artifact is located at the camping site within the simple blue tower on the large snow covered mountain east of Catty Corner and south of Retail Row.
Steel Farm A small violet region to the south of Steamy Stacks has been overrun by alien lifeforms; you can discover the Artifact near the trees.
Corny Complex You can discover the Artifact within the roof of the tiny hut on the farm’s west side.
Lighthouse A Lighthouse can be found in the north west of the map, above Coral Castle. The Artifact can be discovered within the modest apartment beside the lighthouse.
Orelia Island Orelia Island is located at the southern edge of the principal Fortnite island. Gamers could either drop in on the isolated island or take a dip over to the broken ruins to discover the Artifact.

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