Labyrinth Warriors, Genshin Impact’s newest event, begins today! The game will have gamers exploring the Mystic Onmyou Chamber while trying to dodge traps, fighting baddies, and discovering riches. You’ll battle and explore the chamber with Shiki Taishou, who will use charm magic to provide buffs to the player. Let’s take a look at how this event goes!

Level Requirement Adventure Rank 30 or higher
Complete Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals
Event Start October 21, 2021
Event End November 8, 2021
Event Shop End November 15, 2021


  • Gamers must first locate the Mystic Onmyou Chamber in order to start. You must then pick your squad after you have entered the domain.
  • The arrangement is much like the Spiral Abyss where you are free to rotate between two groups of 4. The Combat Team will be leading, of course.
  • The Support Team is the second batch. In the same way that the Abyss requires 4 different characters for every squad, each group must have 4 different characters. So basically, 8 different characters grouped into 2.

Trial Buffs

You will also have to select from 9 Shikifuda, as these are charms that will generate buffs, at the beginning of every trial. You will get to select 3 of these for every trial, with effects ranging from character buffs, exploration buffs, or Shikifuda buffs.

  • Exploration Buff clears the haze from the floor, allowing you to navigate the layout more clearly.
  • Shikifuda Buff extends the duration of any Shikifuda charm-based barriers.
  • Character Buffs are equivalent to those in the Spiral Abyss, so most gamers will be familiar with them.


For every floor, there will be additional areas with various Emplacements with varying effects. All of the various Emplacements has its own indicator. Furthermore, a small treasure box icon will appear on the map to represent which rooms contain treasures containing potential riches. The Charm Emplacement allows you to generate a Shikifuda.

  • Arrayed Emplacement and Ferocious Emplacement generate opponents.
  • Curative Emplacement restores and resurrects group members.
  • Decisive Emplacement unleashes an enemy boss and is the floor’s main task.

Players are allowed to draw additional charms after completing the Arrayed, Ferocious Emplacement, and Decisive Emplacement on the initial floor. In an instance where you don’t want any charms, you may use the Battered Shikifuda to redraw.

  • NOTE: Battered Shikifuds are obtained by accomplishing the trial’s obstacles. Just be careful. You might come across Cursed Seals that have a negative effect when pulling a charm. These negative effects haven’t been disclosed yet, so they’ll be a mystery. Chances are, they could resemble the corrosion on Tsurumi Island.

Upgrades to Shiki Taishou’s Charm Magic are also possible. Uncovering the domain and securing challenges will provide you with Damaged Replicas. Shiki Taishou’s Charm Magic could then be enhanced with these Replicas. Head over to the Event tab to do this. Although the specifics of this Charm Magic have yet to be presented, it appears that there will be a number of elements to improve.

Domain Trials

  • The trial is split into 2 floors, each with multiple rooms. Once the trial starts, gamers can use the event map to pinpoint the area containing the “Decisive Emplacement.”
  • The event map is next to the minimap and will be accessed in the same way as the normal world map.
  • To progress to the succeeding floors, you must fulfill the Decisive Emplacement challenge, which generates an enemy Leader.
  • When every one of the Decisive Emplacements has been accomplished, the trial is done successfully.
Image Courtesy of Dimbreath

Martial Trials

  • After completing the Domain Trials, you will be allowed to proceed to the Martial Trials. For every Domain Trial, there is a respective Martial Trial that can be activated only after the Domain Trial has been concluded.
  • The Martial Trials will feature a variety of obstacles and objectives that you must finish in order to earn numerous rewards.


Aged Tokens Crown of Insight
Primogems Hero’s Wit
Talent Level-Up Materials Character Ascension Materials
Weapon Ascension Materials Mora

Lastly, after completing the quest “Path of Taishou” and earning 4,000 Aged Tokens, you can trade 1,000 Tokens to get Xinyan!


Zhongli Xiao Kazuha
Albedo Noelle (C6) Ningguang
Jean Venti Sucrose
Xiangling Kaeya Geo Traveler
Seal of Fierce Flame Seal of Flashing Lightning Strixwind Summoning
  • Numerous foes inhabit the domain, and AoE Anemo Elemental Skills or Bursts can impair or restrict them. While the foes are afloat, take this opportunity to CC and unleash an AoE Elemental Burst.
  • AVOID the illuminated floors, they are cursed!  Stick walls as you move down a corridor.  You will notice elevated sections where you can climb and move around.
  • For the 1st-floor boss fight, concentrate on taking down Ruin Cruisers first. This prevents Ruin Grader’s heal. Try keeping your shield up as much as possible, as you’ll be attacked regularly from all directions.
  • The 2nd-floor boss fight will produce two Ruin Graders who can self-heal once their HP drops at 30%. If you can manage to defeat both of them at the same time, it will be the best possible strategy.


Zhongli Klee Kazuha
Bennett Noelle (C6) Xiangling
Amber Geo Traveler Hu Tao
Diluc Yoimiya Albedo
Seal of Fierce Flame Seal of Flashing Lightning Bedrock
  • The Aegis Emplacement is a brand-new emplacement that is currently usable in Stage 2. While charging up, this Emplacement taunts the opponents. They detonate and deal damage to opponents once they’ve been powered up. Make sure the enemies, conversely, don’t damage the Aegis. Otherwise, you will be the one to receive the damage.
  • The respective Attendants will supply buffs for the Enemy Leader.
    • Mages of the Cryo Abyss The Leader’s Element RES and Physical RES will each be increased by 10% by each Attendant.
    • Every 12 seconds, the Attendants will recover 5% of the Leader’s Health.
    • The Leader’s buffs and recovery will be lost if there are no Attendants present.


Zhongli Ganyu Kazuha
Ayaka Noelle (C6) Xiangling
Kaeya Electro Traveler Eula
Qiqi Rosaria Chongyun
Strixwind Summoning Snowstorm Summoning Bedrock
  • 1st-Floor: First and foremost, try to kill all minions first. This will help you evade the Boss’ skills.
  • Dodge the Electro Abyss Mage’s Electro Orbs as much as you can, and stay a reasonable range away to evade the static barrier. Cryo is your safest go-to against its barrier. After which the Orbs begin to fly in cardinal and then intercardinal orientations.
  • Try and prevent being attacked by the Wicked Torrents, because this will ramp up your character’s ability cooldown. Cryo and Hydro are good bets for immobilizing it courtesy of freezing and breaking its shield when its health is low.
  • 2nd-Floor: First and foremost, try to kill all minions first. This will help you evade the Boss’ skills.
  • Violet Lightning’s strikes will lead to losing Energy, so try to dodge that as much as you can. Like the 1st-floor, Cryo attacks can be used against its Electro shield, which appears when its HP is low.
  • Evade the lightning orb, as well as his Electrical Shockwave and Line of Thunderstrikes.

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