Ranking Eren Yeager’s Titan fights in Attack on Titan, based on their significance

Ranked list of all fights of Eren as the Attack Titan (Image via Wit Studio)

Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime series of all time, features numerous action-packed scenes, with Eren Yeager taking on the Titans as the main protagonist. Throughout the series, he has been involved in several significant Titan fights that have had a major impact on the story’s direction.

With so many battles, it’s difficult to determine which fights stand out the most. In this article, we will rank Eren Yeager’s Titan fights in Attack on Titan based on their significance.

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Attack on Titans: Eren Yeager’s most important fights, ranked

8) Eren’s fight with the Female Titan, Annie in Stohess district

Eren's fight with the Female titan in Stohess district
Eren’s fight with the Female titan in Stohess district (Image via Wit Studio)

In the Stohess district, Annie Leonhart transforms into the Female Titan once more and wrecks havoc in the city. Eren and the rest of his squad confront the Female Titan.

Although Eren hesitates to use his power, he then transforms into the Attack Titan and fights Annie. As the battle progresses, his rage and desperation to stop Annie lead him to lose control of his Titan powers, causing him to unintentionally injure Mikasa and endanger civilians.

In the end, Annie encases herself in a crystal-like cocoon, leaving Eren and the others wondering about her motives and abilities. The fight with the Female Titan marks a turning point in the story as it reveals that there are humans who can transform into Titans and use their powers for different purposes. It also sets the stage for more revelations and conflicts that shape the course of the story.

7) Eren’s battle with the Female Titan in the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission

Eren's fight with the Female titan in 57th Exterior Scouting Mission
Eren’s fight with the Female titan in 57th Exterior Scouting Mission (Image via Wit Studio)

During the mission, the Scout Regiment encounters the Female Titan, who is revealed to be Annie Leonhart, a fellow cadet of Eren’s. She begins to systematically eliminate the members of the Scout Regiment and tries to capture Eren.

Eren transforms into his Titan form and engages in a brutal battle with Annie. Despite Eren’s efforts, Annie proves to be a skilled fighter and manages to evade most of his attacks.

Armin and Reiner are captured, but are later released by the Titan. Armin suspects that there might have been a human inside the Female titan and a spy among them. In the end, Annie manages to escape, leaving the group with many questions and suspicions, and setting the stage for future conflicts and revelations in the story.

6) Eren fights the Jaw Titan, Armored Titan, and Cart Titan in War for Paradis arc

Attack Titan in War for Paradis Arc
Attack Titan in War for Paradis Arc (Image via Wit Studio)

During the battle, Eren transforms into his Titan form to face the Jaw, Armored, and Cart Titans. The Jaw Titan, piloted by a warrior named Porco Galliard, attacks Eren with its powerful jaw and tries to eat him. Eren manages to fend off the Jaw Titan with his hardening ability and eventually gains the upper hand in the fight.

Reiner enters the fray by assuming the formidable form of the Armored Titan. Despite unleashing a barrage of attacks, the Attack Titan effectively repels them, leaving Reiner to endure a brutal beating.

Meanwhile, the Cart Titan, piloted by another warrior named Pieck Finger, provides support from a distance with its long-range artillery. However, Eren uses his War Hammer Titan ability to create a massive spike that pierces through the Cart Titan and renders it immobile.

5) Eren transforms into Attack Titan for the first time

Eren's first transformation to Attack Titan
Eren transforms for the first time in Trost district (Image via Wit Studio)

During the Battle of Trost, Eren is bitten in half by a Titan and seemingly killed. However, he suddenly wakes up in the Titan’s stomach and realizes that he has the ability to transform into a Titan himself. With the help of his friends Mikasa and Armin, Eren manages to focus his will and triggers his transformation.

As he transforms, his body grows to a towering height and he sprouts a powerful jaw and sharp claws. He quickly uses his new Titan form to take down the surrounding Titans and protect his friends, using his immense strength and regenerative abilities to his advantage.

Despite the initial shock and confusion from his allies, Eren proves himself a valuable asset in the fight against the Titans. However, as he struggles to control his Titan form and understand the full extent of his powers, he realizes that there may be more to his transformation than he originally thought.

4) Eren’s fight with the Armored Titan

Eren's fight with Reiner as the Armored titan
Eren’s fight with Reiner as the Armored titan (Image via Wit Studio)

At the beginning of the arc, Eren and his friends are tasked with defending Wall Rose from Titans. However, they soon encounter the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan.

Reiner and Bertholdt reveal that they are the Armored and Colossal Titans. Eren transforms into a Titan to fight the Armored Titan and gains the upper hand in the battle with the Armored Titan.
In the end, Bertholdt turns into the Colossal Titan and cuts the battle short to capture Eren.

3) Eren’s fight with the War Hammer Titan

Eren in Marley Arc
Eren fighting the Jaw titan and the War Hammer titan in Marley (Image via Wit Studio)

In the Marley arc, Eren and his friends infiltrate Marley, the nation that has been oppressing their people and using Titans as weapons. They plan to attack during a military parade where several high-ranking Marleyan officials will be present.

During the parade, Eren transforms into Attack Titan and starts attacking the Marleyan military, causing chaos and destruction. Eren notices the War Hammer Titan and continuously keeps hitting it before it can form a new body. However, the War Hammer Titan traps the Attack Titan and decapitates it. It then gets hit by the anti-Titan artillery giving Eren the opportunity to consume the wielder.

Eren successfully consumes the wielder of the War Hammer Titan, gaining new powers. However, the battle takes a toll on their group, and they are forced to retreat when the Marleyan airship arrives. Despite the setback, Eren’s attack has caused a significant impact on the Marleyan military, and the Paradis Island Eldian group’s actions will have far-reaching consequences.

2) Eren’s battle with Rod Reiss

Eren's Attack titan in Royal Government Arc
Eren’s Attack Titan in Royal Government Arc (Image via Wit Studio)

In the Royal Government arc, Eren and his comrades discovered the truth about the Titans’ origins and the royal family’s involvement. They learned that Historia Reiss, the last surviving member of the royal family, was crucial to the story and held the key to unlocking the secrets of the Titans.

During their mission to retrieve Historia, Eren and his comrades encountered Rod Reiss, the father of Historia, who had injected himself with a serum to transform into a gigantic Titan. Eren transformed into his own Titan form to fight Rod.

Eren utilizes his newfound armor ability to shield Squad Levi from the devastating effects of the collapsing Underground Chapel triggered by Rod’s transformation.

The following day, Eren once again taps into his Titan powers and ingeniously places barrels of gunpowder into the colossal mouth of Rod’s Titan form. The resulting explosion causes massive damage, creating an opening for Squad Levi to successfully take down their colossal foe.

1) Eren’s battle in the Return to Shiganshina arc

Eren's fight with Armored titan
Eren’s fight with Armored Titan, in return to Shiganshina district (Image via Wit Studio)

Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert return to Shiganshina District to retake Wall Maria from the Titans. They are confronted by the Armored Titan, Reiner Braun, and the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt Hoover, who are revealed to be traitors from the Survey Corps. Eren transforms into his own Titan form and engages in a brutal fight with the Armored and Colossal Titans, while the rest of his comrades try to protect him.

Meanwhile, Captain Levi and his squad engage in a separate battle against the Beast Titan, who is leading the Titan army from afar. Levi’s team tries to take down the Beast Titan with thunder spears, but he proves to be a formidable opponent. He ultimately manages to severely injure the Beast Titan, but not before losing several members of his squad.

In the end, Eren successfully defeats the Armored and Colossal Titans, and the Survey Corps manages to retake Wall Maria.

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