Chainsaw Man is going for its first anime adaptation. The first season is all set for release on October 11. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s unhinged work is full of action, violence, gore, and supernatural devils, which are the manifestation of the population’s fear. To add to the glory, Mappa is animating the series. This Monday, Mappa’s official Youtube account released what’s to be termed the 3rd Chainsaw Man Anime trailer, and it heavily teases the Devils Hunter group.

What’s riding on MAPPA for the Chainsaw Man Anime

Chainsaw man Key Visual by Mappa
Mappa released Key Visual

There’s a lot riding on Mappa. After Attack on Titan’s big jump, Mappa annihilated Jujutsu Kaisen with gut-wrenchingly good animation that left its mark. This October, Mappa must relive its attempts at Anime Action.

This time though, they won’t be able to go back down on the violence. Fujimoto sensei’s Chainsaw Man manga is known primarily, and is critically acclaimed, because of its violent portrayals. What can you even expect from a Human-Hybrid devil that has a Chainsaw for arms (and head) and looks like a mutated failure of a biomodification (from cyberpunk)?

  • But it’s highly unlikely Mappa will disappoint. Lately, Mappa has only taken the biggest fish in the ocean. It’s a difficult thing to attempt, despite previous success with Hajime no Ippo, which wasn’t anything too staggering.
  • The CGI in Attack on Titan was heavily criticized, given that it is a question if the same will be reused in Chainsaw Man Anime. The CGI was also remembered from Inuyashiki. But from what the trailer tells us, that shouldn’t be the case.
  • Besides, MAPPA had to really rush Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1, due to a number of reasons. They took their sweet time with Jujutsu Kaisen, however.
  • The result was complete bliss for the anime fandom. It is likely they have learned from their mistakes and will not repeat the CGI mistake again. Although they simply can and just call it a creative choice.

What does the Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer reveal?

captain kishibe
Captain Kishibe talking to what seems to be Denji (via MAPPA’S official youtube)
  • The trailer mixes in a lot of things, really. Expect not to see some characters, like Captain Kishibe who begins off in a graveyard and is talking to someone, giving them a moral philosophical dilemma.
  • He recalls about Hunters who give Devils a devilish time and that such Hunters are dangerous, perhaps even more than the Devils. One cannot predict a hunter whose screw is lost. 

Captain Kishibe’s primary entrance should be in the later cour of the season. Kishibe comes to be very important for the protagonist’s training and power-up story later on. Without spoiling you much, he’s a captain of another division.

Public Safety Devil Hunter Division 

Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer
Himeno asks Aki if the four rookies (Power, Denji, Higashiyama, and Arai) have any chance of surviving, Courtesy of MAPPA
  • Expect to see the Yamato (or Shikamaru) to Naruto of Chainsaw Man world, Aki in the first episode.
  • Aki will sneak into you and make you love him. In one instance, Aki is shown addressing Denji.
chainsaw man
2 rookies with supervising Public Safety Devil Hunter Himeno and Aki Hayakawa in the trailer (snapped from MAPPA’S official YT)
  • The two on the right side seem fazed a little, they are Kobeni Higashiyama and Hirokazu Arai. These two forms what is addressed as “Four Rookies” in the trailer along with Denji and Power. The two on the left are their seniors, Aki Hayakawa and Himeno. 

What will steal your sight is how Aki’s character develops with Power and Denji, and their bond growing in particular.

Makima, Denji and Aki

Makima in chainsaw man
Makima in the trailer (via Mappa YT)

We also see Makima who is the series one of the most important characters. She’s a high-ranking public safety official. In the trailer, we see her ordering the 4th Special Division of Public Safety Devil Hunters to be issued on an extermination request.

Denji in the trailer Chainsaw man anime trailer
Denji as shown in the latest anime trailer (via MAPPA’S official youtube)

Denji is a protagonist that you will come to revere for his pure madness. With subtlety that matches Itadori but savagery that competes with Bakugo from My Hero, Denji is one protagonist who will hook you in.

There are a lot of reasons to watch Chainsaw Man anime, Denji being animated is one. The majority of the latter part of the trailer is just snippets of Denji in his hybrid form fighting Devils, cutting them, and chainsawing into them.

Aki addressing Denji
Aki addressing Denji (via MAPPA Youtube)


The Chainsaw Man Anime trailer sniffs between shots of Denji fighting and Power running, but it primarily teases the Devil Hunter members. The world of Chainsaw Man is ever-growing with its recent return from hiatus after the ending of Part 1, it is all sailing for enormous part 2. And of course, the more the manga content the merrier.

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