Argentina’s Luciano Sanchez suffers severe injury, Marcelo sent off | What happened?

Luciano Sanchez Marcelo injury

Argentine footballer Luciano Sanchez suffered one of the worst-ever football injuries on the pitch. The career-ending challenge came at the expense of former Real Madrid player Marcelo who was sent off with a red card. The incident occurred during a Copa Libertadores match between Marcelo’s Brazilian club Fluminense and Luciano’s Argentinos Jrs in Buenos Aires. Let’s take a look at Luciano Sanchez’s gruesome injury and how Marcelo reacted to it after being sent off. 

Marcelo severely injures Luciano Sanchez

29-year-old Luciano Sanchez suffered a serious injury following a challenge by Fluminense’s Marcelo. The Argentinos Juniors defender’s left knee was completely dislocated as teammates initially feared that he had broken his leg.

The video of the incident from the Copa Libertadores match in Buenos Aires depicts one of the most visually dangerous injuries in football. We opt not to attach the video as it may be disturbing. Instead, you can watch the video here at your own risk.

Argentinos Juniors were up 1-0 in the second half at the Estadio Diego Armando Maradona when Marcelo dribbled past Luciano Sanchez. However, in his attempt to do so, he stepped on Sanchez’s leg by mistake and caused it to bend inwards. 

As a result, the Argentinian screamed and rolled in pain on the pitch. The medical team rushed to his aid to provide emergency first aid while Marcelo was given a red card and sent off by the referee. The former Real Madrid player left the pitch in tears. The match ended 1-1.

Will Luciano Sanchez be able to play football again?

Given the intensity of the injury, it is difficult to assess whether Luciano Sanchez will be able to play football again. Reports suggest that Sanatorio Finochietto Hospital’s doctors estimate his recovery time to be 8-12 months. 

The injury was so serious that it stunned Argentinos Juniors doctor Alejandro Roncoroni. Roncoroni said he had never seen an injury like this in 23 years as a doctor. Another doctor from the AFA with 40 years of experience said the same thing. 

The doctor states that Sanchez’s femur and fibula are almost separated, and there is an anterior and posterior cruciate tear. It is possible that they may have to reconstruct the inside of the player’s knee using multiple surgical interventions. 

How did Marcelo react to Luciano Sanchez’s injury?

5-time Champions League winner Marcelo was shown a fourth straight red card of his career following a VAR review. He will miss out on the team’s next game at the Maracana stadium to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores

After leaving the pitch in tears, Marcelo took to social media to express his regret for injuring a fellow footballer without any intention. He wished Luciano Sanchez the best possible recovery. Argentinos Juniors thanked him for his concern.

Luciano Sanchez has been discharged from the hospital, and he now begins an elaborate and difficult rehabilitation process. He said he had no hard feelings for Marcelo and that the veteran defender had called him on his phone and sent him a message.

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