NFL: What happened to Browns’ Nick Chubb? | Injury Update

Nick Chubb injury update

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Cleveland Browns had a terrible Monday night football against the Steelers on September 18. Aside from getting the loss (26-22), the Browns lost their star offensive player, Nick Chubb. The four-time Pro Bowl running back suffered a gruesome injury that could potentially end not just his season but even his career as a professional NFL player. Here’s what exactly happened to Nick Chubb during their match against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Star RB Nick Chubb severely injures his left leg

On Monday, the Cleveland Browns held their own against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a closely contested match. However, during the second quarter, an unexpected incident took place that would leave fans and players horrified. After receiving a handoff from quarterback Deshaun Watson, Browns RB Nick Chubb found himself in the middle of a pile that would result in a season-ending injury.

While Chubb was about to rush to the goal line, Steelers safety Minka Fitzpatrick fell down to Chubb’s leg while the Browns running back was being tackled by Cole Holcomb (Steelers linebacker). As a result, Chubb’s knee hyperextended, resulting in a devastating knee injury. Those who had seen the incident gasped and couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. Even ESPN did not show a replay because of how bad and severe the injury was. Many fans believe that Fitzpatrick’s defense was a dirty and cowardly move.

Chubb was seen clutching to his left knee while his teammates tried to help him up. However, he had difficulty walking and was carted off the field. According to the NFL, Nick Chubb will be out for the season after tearing multiple knee ligaments. Further information about the 27-year-old star’s status will be shared very soon.

Content Warning: Viewer discretion is advised as the video of Nick Chubb’s injury below may be disturbing and inappropriate to some users

Another angle of Nick Chubb’s injury on Monday is making waves on the internet. ESPN and the NFL tried not to show people the replay, but the exact play where Chubb got injured is trending online. It just goes to show how awful that play was.

Also, this wouldn’t be the first time Nick Chubb injured his left knee

Almost eight years ago, while Chubb was still a sophomore in Georgia, the star running back would injure the same knee. He would tear his LCL, PCL, and MCL. Although he recovered, it would be hard to say if he could do the same this time.

Prior to being injured, Chubb had already rushed for 64 yards and ten carries in the loss against the Steelers. Last week, Nick Chubb had 106 yards in a blowout win over the Cincinnati Bengals in the Cleveland Browns’ 2023 season opener. The Browns’ offense became slightly worse after news broke out that Chubb’s season is over. Nick Chubb is arguably one of the best NFL running backs for the last five years.

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