NCT Jaehyun to lead in his Movie Actor Debut | List of Dramas

NCT Jaehyun to lead in his Movie Actor Debut | List of Dramas

After gracing small screens, NCT’s multi-talented member Jaehyun is ready to mesmerize fans through a movie. According to the reports of a Korean News outlet, Star News, Jaehyun will participate in a mystery-thriller titled You’ll Die in 6 Hours. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Japan’s celebrated crime fiction writer Kazuaki Takano.

Jaehyun will reportedly play the role of Jun Woo, capable of foreseeing other people’s deaths. With this unique ability, Jun Woo will try to help and warn others and, while doing so, get tangled in a larger mystery. NCT’s managing label, SM Entertainment, has also confirmed the news but hasn’t disclosed further details about the project.

The upcoming movie will be an important project for Jaehyun, marking his big-screen debut and his first attempt at the crime-thriller genre. Previously, Jaehyun worked on two K-dramas, both directed towards youth and included themes of romance.

Jeong Jaehyun’s First Big Screen Role

The upcoming crime-thriller movie based on Kazuaki Takano’s novel will introduce the audience to suspenseful tangles of life and death. Previously, the story was adapted for the small screen in Japan. The show ‘6 Jikango ni kimi wa shinu‘, starring Takashi Tsukamoto and Yoko Maki in pivotal roles, received a good reception from the audience.

  • The show follows a mysterious man, Keishi, who can predict death. One day, he crosses paths with Mio in the streets of Shibuya and whispers, ‘You will die six hours later.’ At first, Mio scoffs at the weird statement but can’t completely forget it. After her friend’s recent death, she suffered from a stalker. She decides to hang around Keishi out of caution, but matters take an unexpected turn.
NCT Jaehyun Movie Debut, You'll Die in 6 Hours
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The original show was telecasted in 2008 through the WOWOW network with a running time of 22 minutes. The upcoming film starring NCT Jaehyun will further develop the mystery for a full movie with a longer running time.

Fans can expect to see Jaehyun in a new look, raising heartbeats with suspense and charms. Until we wait for more details regarding the plot and release of the movie You’ll Die in 6 Hours, let’s take a look at Jaehyun’s K-dramas.

List of K-dramas featuring members from NCT

Although the resume of NCT Jaehyun’s acting pursuits is small, it is impactful in establishing that he is skilled in pulling off various roles. He debuted with the K-drama Dear M, where he played the role of Cha Min-Ho, a college sweetheart suffering the pangs of unrequited love for his closest friend. The drama premiered on KBS2 in 2022 and received due applause for the NCT star.

  • In 2021, NCT Jaehyun also joined the remake of the classic movie Bungee Jumping of Their Own. The original film follows a high school teacher Seo In-Wook who is struggling with grief from the death of his longtime girlfriend, In Tae-Hee. Trouble starts bubbling when Seo In-Woo meets a male student, Hyun Bin, who reminds him of Tae-Hee.

Kakao TV cancels drama remake of ‘Bungee Jumping’ with Lee Hyun Wook & NCT’s Jaehyun
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Jaehyun was cast in the K-drama as the second male lead Hyun Bin. However, due to conflicts during production, the drama was canceled. According to the statement of Kakao Entertainment, the scenario writer of the original film expressed some concerns. Although all the remake rights were in the hands of the production houses, they decided to respect the writer.

  • The K-drama was also in its pre-production stage, which assisted in making the decision. The actors Jaehyun and Lee Hyun-Wook understood the situation, and the production team borne the costs. Jaehyun paused his acting career, focused on his idol path, and recently debuted in a subunit, DoJaeJung. After two years, he is finally preparing to debut on the big screen as an actor with the upcoming movie, You’ll Die in 6 Hours.

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