NewJeans drops Cool With You MV with Two Surprising Cameo | Fans React

NewJeans Cool With You MV ft Jung H-yeon and Tony Leung

One of the most popular fourth-generation K-pop girl groups released their latest music videos featuring two surprising artists. HYBE LABELS’ NewJeans unveiled one of the three music videos for their upcoming mini album Get Up. Similar to their previous release Ditto, the music video for the track Cool With You has a Side A and a Side B featuring cameos from Jung Ho Yeon and Tony Leung.

Jung Ho Yeon and Tony Leung’s Appearances in NWJNS Music Video

The latest Cool With You music video interludes with Get Up of NewJeans stars Squid Game’s famed Jung Ho-yeon as the protagonist. She spends some quality time with her boyfriend before the appearance of veteran actor Tony Leung changes the dynamic of the narrative. Fans quickly realize that things aren’t as simple as they thought they would unfold.

  • In the music video, fans also enjoy the dance sequences of NewJeans in their all-white concept that makes them appear as mystical spirits. They also share a moment with Jung Ho Yeon, which makes it one of the well-executed highlights of the music video.
  • The Cool With You music video furthers the narrative of NewJeans, which also matches the style of director Shin Wooseok, who directed their popular tracks Ditto and OMG. This depth in their music videos, along with the cameos of two Asian superstars, makes NewJeans’ discography even more remarkable and establishes their star power.
  • Fans of the budding girl group were somewhat expecting to see Jung Ho Yeon due to the past rumors, but they were particularly surprised to see Tony Leung. For the unversed, Leung is a legendary actor in Asian entertainment. He is famous for appearing in Wong Kar-Wai films In Mood For Love and Chungking ExpressThe veteran Hong Kong star also recently appeared in Marvel’s Shang-Chi.

Read some of the fans’ reactions to this legendary cameo in NewJeans’ Cool With You music video below:

More about NewJeans’ ‘Get Up’ Album

The Hype Boy singers recently released their music video for the viral track Super Shy. With its catchy beats and simplistic, powerful Waacking moves, the song began trending across social media. Its dance challenge also went viral, with many K-pop stars and cover artists participating.

  • The song also peaked at No.66 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.59 on the UK Official Singles list, attaining another success. Their previous releases, OMG and Ditto, peaked at No.74 and No.82 on the US Singles Chart, respectively.
  • Following the release of Cool With You and Get Up, the five-member girl group is preparing to release their mini album on July 21. The visual masterpieces featuring Jung Ho Yeon and Tony Leung easily add these tracks to the girl group’s popular singles, Super Shy and New Jeans.
  • BUNNIES, awestruck with the artistic quality of recent releases, await the music videos of the two remaining songs, ETA and ASAP, which will be released soon. Meanwhile, the much-anticipated mini album of NewJeans will be released on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 1 PM KST.

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