Nintendo Switch isn’t just a console, but a comfort companion as well

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch isn’t just for playing games, but for making you comfortable as well

Today was a great hype-train. First the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer reveal, and now Nintendo’s futuristic innovation – the Nintendo Switch. The first look trailer shows a guy playing on his television with the Nintendo Switch controller who switches to a handheld console in just a few seconds. If this is it, I’m pre-ordering it right now.Nintendo Switch

The console is unique, innovative and will change the course of gaming for the next years. However, the Nintendo Switch shouldn’t just be called a ‘console’, instead it’s a comfort companion for any gamer. As showed in the trailer, you can switch from a controller to a handheld console. Also, it has a stand in the back allowing you to rest the device in a flat surface. Then you can pull out the sidebars (or controllers), hold them on both of your hands, and witness a unique gaming experience.Nintendo Switch

Till now, consoles to us were just boxes that were fixed in a certain place at home. We had to approach the consoles to play games. But with the Nintendo Switch, the console approaches us. And that’s why I called it as a comfort companion. You can play games while sitting on a couch, resting in your bed and controlling the game with both your hands away from each other. Also, if you like small screens, you can make it a monitor and you can have the fun.

You can make gaming more comfortable by sliding the Nintendo Switch into holders fixed in head supports in cars. The video also shows off the console’s brilliant multiplayer support. Just hand over one console to your friend, and that’s a multiplayer experience. But this won’t happen in all types of games. Don’t worry, according to latest reports many big-industries will support the Nintendo Switch in future.

Nintendo SwitchThe conclusion of the video also provides some information on how the console will be effective for major esports. Yes, nothing can stop this type of technology from pushing its limits. Esports with Nintendo Switch will be more fun than traditional PC competitions.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SwitchIf you ever neglected Nintendo and said “they just make Mario and nothing else”, it’s time to change your thinking. The Nintendo Switch’s going to be way better than traditional consoles. Also, the device itself will have heavy configuration, including the CPU and GPU. The Japanese innovation will be available from March 2017. However, the news regarding it ain’t stopping for at least a week or so.