PS5 Restock UK to Happen This Week, All Eyes on John Lewis Stores

Sony PlayStation 5 has had a bitter-sweet journey ever since it was launched. It came loaded with incredible new features, an amazing DualSense controller, and some great games. But at the same time, it has faced massive stock availability issues since its inception. In the beginning of the month, it received a massive restock in the US. Unfortunately, that did not happen in many other countries. But loyal gaming subjects of UK, be ready as your wishes are about to be fulfilled very soon!

The Announcement

Ever since PS5’s November release in UK, gamers have found it very difficult to lay their hands on the latest next-gen gaming console. Due to massive supply shortage and high demand, the scarcity of PS5 ca be felt all across the globe. We have some good news for the gamers in UK as PS5 restock is about to happen this week.

PlayStation UK haven’t updated their stock since September 14, so it’s been over a month and fans are getting restless. According to @PS5StockAlertUK, it’s official that priority deliveries will be made by 15th October 2021. All the other delivery methods will follow, and final batch of deliveries will be made by the 21st October.

This means that the online restock will take place a few days before or after 15th October, which is tomorrow! By any luck, it may as well start today and if not, be rest assured that it will happen this week.

John Lewis Restock and Future

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Most of the above mentioned restock information is related to John Lewis & Partners. According to an insider, John Lewis is set to receive a humongous order of 1000 PS5 units. It includes around 700-disc editions of the consoles and 300 digital editions of the same. Well, 1000 doesn’t sound humongous but when it comes to the low on supply PS5, it is!

“John Lewis expects to receive PlayStation 5 consoles on October 15, indicating a possible online restock a few days before or after the 15th. Disc & Digital Editions are expected,” the insider claimed via twitter.

Apart form this, @PS5StockAlertUK also claims that more stock of PS5 is on the way and it better be cause people are waiting. Until and unless the global power chip supply crisis comes to an end, the supply issues of all the gaming consoles will continue. Our best bet for all this to end lies somewhere around the end of year 2022.

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