Taiwan Design Expo Personality Test Explained; Is it accurate?

Taiwan Design Expo Personality Test reveals innate personality traits

A journey is made up of choices, and each choice determines an innate personality trait about you. Although that makes a perfect plot for a fantasy novel, it actually comes from the latest viral Taiwan Design Expo personality test. In which the steps you take convert into wisdom, clarifying if you are spontaneous, adventurous, introverted, questioning, or a whimsical soul. Here’s how you can join the trend and if it is accurate.

Is the Taiwan Design Expo personality test accurate?

The viral Taiwan Design Expo personality test can answer one of the most challenging questions (hmm, we can say the second most challenging as we still need to decide what we are having for lunch on our own), telling us our innate personality traits.

It is created to celebrate the ongoing design expo in New Taipei City until October 22 and asks you 12 questions. As per your response, the test analyzes and provides an innate personality trait from 16 types, including Steel, Ghost, Water, Fairy, Ice, Superpower, Fire, and more.

However, to know how accurate it is and if it is worth adding to your LinkedIn profile, we took it upon ourselves to challenge and discover innate personality traits. Overall, from the initial experience, we can summarize the test as a fairytale version of MBTI or archetypes.

The questions test your spontaneity, empathy, prudence, optimism, and more. However, it is much shorter to dive into anyone’s psyche and discover their innate personality.

The test also ends at a junction where it places you right where you begin to signify that one player can retake the test and try to achieve a different innate personality trait. Therefore, the test might not be accurate. Still, it is plenty of fun with hilarious results such suck at comforting others, being a natural mind reader, healing artist, and even cult-leader material. 

If you enjoy the results, then you can definitely add them to your LinkedIn profile and let people know if you are a schemer who loves group activities or someone who lacks daily life knowledge but wins every argument.

How to play the Taiwan innate personality test

The personality test begins on a train, presenting you with twelve questions throughout the journey. Each of the questions takes you a step ahead, introducing a series of scenarios where you are challenged with two options that will determine your fate (read as personality).

These scenarios aren’t for an ordinary mind as they will challenge your imagination and note your patterns of thought when facing an unusual situation. We hope you aren’t afraid of animals as you will come across some mystique birds, cats, and seals that will assist or hinder your way ahead, depending on your perspective.

To join this fantastic journey, all you have to do is open the Taiwan Design Expo’s internal character trait personality test and make your choices with honesty, wiseness, and courage. If you are determined, then you can open it here and learn more about yourself right now.

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