Bethesda’s Starfield: Best Traits to Choose for Character Creation

Starfield Best Traits Character Creation

Bethesda has released their latest expansive open-world game, Starfield. Many have eagerly awaited the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the universe. Yet, before players can set off on this adventure, they must select traits and a background during character creation. This aspect of the game might seem overwhelming to some, but fear not, this article will help you make the best Starfield trait choices for your character’s creation.

Starfield’s Best Traits for Character Creation

With the year’s most significant Xbox game now accessible on Game Pass, many may download Starfield and find themselves overwhelmed during the character creation process.

  • The game requires you to make a few choices that appear to have far-reaching consequences before you can even depart from the starting planet. 
  • This might feel daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.
  • Some individuals might opt for random choices because learning about each available trait may seem time-consuming. 
Starfield Best Traits
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However, these traits are a crucial element that can significantly influence gameplay in Starfield. It’s important to note that you cannot modify or add new traits once you’ve started playing.

So, let’s delve into this guide and select the best traits in Starfield for your character.

Introvert or Extrovert

  • These two traits are really useful and straightforward.
  • Extroverts consume less oxygen when traveling with companions but use more when alone.
  • Introverts use less oxygen when alone, and consume more when traveling with others.

Alien DNA

  • This trait increases your maximum health and oxygen levels at the cost of reduced effectiveness of healing items. 
  • Skill point allocation in specific areas of the skill tree can mitigate this disadvantage.

Neon Street Rat

  • This choice bestows you with special conversational choices in specific situations.
  • Unlocks exclusive rewards tied to particular factions if you decide to pursue faction-related quests. 
  • However, it escalates your criminal record with other factions, but this should not pose an issue if you steer clear of unlawful activities. 
  • This attribute adds an enjoyable dimension when navigating the city of Neon itself.


  • Opting for this trait grants you a combat advantage when making decisions that align with the preferences of your human companions.
  • Additionally, it unlocks special conversational opportunities that arise relatively frequently. 
  • This trait suits you if you want to role-play as a good person.

Dream Home

  • This choice instantly grants you access to a spacious, customizable house equipped with ample storage for items.
  • The downside of this trait is a mortgage of 125,000 credits that must be paid to maintain access to the property.

Kid Stuff

  • Your parents are alive, and you have the option to visit them. 
  • However, you are obligated to send them a modest sum of money on a weekly basis.

Hero Worshipped

  • By choosing this option, you can enlist the Adoring Fan to a crew member who frequently offers gifts as a display of his admiration. 
  • However, it’s important to note that he can be rather annoying.


  • This trait grants you the ability to deal more damage when in low health.
  • The downside is that every now and then, bounty hunters will come and try to kill you.

Do you have specific traits you prefer for character creation? If so, please share your recommendations with fellow players in the comments below!

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