Pokemon Go is back with another event, the Pokemon Go Fest Global Challenges, which will be taking place during the weekend. Depending on the number of challenges players across the world are able to complete during the two-day period, the number of rewards will increase giving access to more Pokemon, shinies timed research, and more.

How to catch Emolga?

To catch Emolga players across the world need to finish at least 24 challenges. If they are able to complete 24 challenges, they will get access to Emolga during the Unova Week which will begin on August 14th at 1 pm PDT and will go on till August 21st at 1 pm PDT.

Emolga will be available in the wild and in 7km eggs along with Sewaddle, Cottonee, Bouffalant (exclusive to New York City and surrounding areas), and a wide range of other Pokemon.

Stay safe and start grinding for the challenges!


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