Final Fantasy 16 will be the latest mainline entry from the series. It’s been six years since we’ve enjoyed the adventures of Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. We were treated to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a success for Square Enix. XVI looks to be returning to a more classic fantasy style, but in doing so, they’re probably bringing in one of the most ambitious additions to the game

The Story of Final Fantasy 16

From Square Enix releases, we will be playing Clive Rosfield and experiencing his life from youth to adulthood. He lives in Valisthea – a world influenced greatly by people called Dominants. Dominants are people with the ability to use the power of Eikons (otherwise known as Summons or Guardians in other games). The game is all about a clash of different personalities and their ideals powered by these Eikons.

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Clive will have a companion called Jill Warrick from another realm and a younger brother named Joshua. His experience with his younger brother looks to be a pivotal point in the story and may be the reason for Clive’s powers. Other characters will join Clive in this title, though it looks like it will be a small party akin to Final Fantasy XV.

Aside from warring factions and political forces, two other things influencing the world. The first is Mothercrystals, which bless the land with magic (Aether). There is also a destructive force they’re calling The Blight, which is destroying this world.


What makes Final Fantasy XVI different is the ability of Clive and other people to wield Eikon powers. They can even momentarily transform into them, leading to large-scale battles with titans laying waste to one another. We see Final Fantasy summons return, such as Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, and Bahamut.

Aside from these massive battles, which we’re excited to see with next-gen power, the game itself further refines combat. They have Devil May Cry’s combat director working on the battle system. From what we’ve seen in trailers, each move looks impactful and stylish.

Other than that, there are only a few details about the game’s RPG elements. It’s known that the game has a Mature rating, which is intentional because of the story they’re trying to tell.

Release Date

Final Fantasy XVI has a release date at June 22, 2023, barring delays. It will be a PS5 exclusive for six months and will have a PC release afterward. Those interested can already pre-order the game, which will offer in-game items. There are three versions, which are:

  • Digital Standard Edition – $70
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – $100
  • Collector’s Edition – $350

The standard edition has a free steel book case, while the deluxe one will contain a different version. It will also have a Valisthea cloth world map. The Collector’s Edition will feature numerous items, which include a Premium Phoenix vs. Ifrit statue and a metal Eikon pin collection.

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