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The Towers of the Void is a part of the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. You’ll have to reach the towers and remove the darkness binding them. Having characters that can run and climb fast will be best. You may also want to level the Bokuso Box though it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

Navigating Corrosion

Tsumi will inform you that you’ll need to tackle the towers in the following order:

Northwest Northeast South

The arrangement is from lowest to highest corrosion levels. Since you’ll be traversing corrosion areas, your Bokuso Box will begin draining charges. It’s the reason you need to level it or at least have a character who can move on land fast.

The quest will mark the towers on your map, so it’s easy to get to them. Once you reach one, make sure you have some charges on Your Bokuso Box. Once you get there, follow the Seelie as it leads you to different sections.

While it’s guiding you, you’ll see invulnerable Shadowy Husk enemies.

To defeat them, you’ll need to use the Bokuso Box to remove their invulnerability. Gather all the Husk Gems they drop, and also gather materials while you’re moving around the map. You’ll need to have Tokoyo Legumes and Aphotium Ores for the quest.

Image Courtesy of MiHoYo
  • If your Bokuso Box drains while you’re doing the quest, kill any Husks first if you can teleport to the shrine to charge the box. Return to where you left off and continue the path.
  • Once the Seelie guides you to the final area, you’ll need all these materials to remove the tower controller seals. Once removed, you’ll be able to rotate the tower’s symbols. Match it with the stone pillar at the plinth bottom.
  • After you match it, climb to the top of the tower and activate the Bokuso Box to cleanse it. You’ll need to do it to the three locations to complete the quest.
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