Within a few weeks of its release, Portkey GamesHogwarts Legacy has resurrected the Harry Potter fandom and circulated it back into everyday conversation. The game progresses based on the choices you make as a player. The way you answer Professor Fig’s question in the Final Repository quest impacts the end of Hogwarts Legacy. Here’s a complete breakdown of Hogwarts Legacy’s multiple endings. Spoilers ahead.

Multiple endings in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s begin by answering the question: does Hogwarts Legacy actually have multiple endings? Absolutely yes. Right from the beginning, the game determines your trajectory as a wizard on the path of either good or evil.

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  • The game’s climax changes based on some big decisions you make towards the end. The crucial moment arrives when Professor Fig asks you what you want to do with the Final Repository of Ancient Magic
  • Although this divides Hogwarts Legacy into multiple endings, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all a matter of personal preference and which path you have taken as a wizard in the game. 

Final Repository of Ancient Magic

The ultimate main quest of Hogwarts Legacy is called The Final Repository, and this makes way for multiple endings in the game. Here, after a treacherous journey past trolls and goblins, Professor Fig will ask you what you intend to do with the Final Repository of Ancient Magic?

Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings
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If you are on a path of evil as a wizard in the game, you should open it to finish your arc and embrace the dark side. However, if you believe you are a noble wizard, it’s better to keep it contained and move on.

Professor Fig and Ranrok

Regardless of your choice with the Final Repository of Ancient Magic, a tough boss villain awaits you in Ranrok. The goblin bursts in to claim the power and transforms into a big dragon.

  • If you had chosen to keep the power contained, you will finish your battle with Ranrok dragon and put the ancient magic repository back where it belongs. In the process, Professor Fig will over-exert himself and die. 
Hogwarts Legacy Professor Fig Final Repository Multiple Endings
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  • If you choose to embrace your dark side and open the Final Repository, you will end up absorbing the dark energy. Your eyes will glow red with newfound power. However, Professor Fig will die even before the battle with Ranrok.

The True Ending

The True Ending of Hogwarts Legacy arrives only after you have finished the Final Repository main quest. To unlock this, there are two more quests left: Weasley’s Watchful Eye and The House Cup.

Professor Fig Final Repository
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While Weasley’s Watchful Eye can be completed quickly, The House Cup quest requires you to be in Level 34 at least. By winning the House Cup, you will unlock The Seeker of Knowledge Achievement which essentially means you are done with the game.

Side missions

In Hogwarts Legacy, the multiple endings are not exclusive to just the main story. In fact, the side missions can also end in different ways based on your choices. Here is a complete list of main and side quests in the game. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about finishing everything else before heading to the final main quest. You can keep playing Hogwarts Legacy even after its multiple endings.

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