Netflix The Witcher Season 2 Ending and Season 3 Explained – The Biggest Questions Answered

Netflix The Witcher Season 2 finally hit the leading OTT platform on 17th December 2021, 2 years after the release of Season 1. It’s pretty clear that Netflix is going to start what it has begun with this ambitious 7 season project. Season 2 was already a lot better than Season 1 which was a good season itself.

Season 2 was far less complicated and had a much higher budget. The season almost hit all the right notes with a few minor flaws here and there. Its ending though, did leave a few questions in the mind of the audience. This paves the way for the future of this epic saga. Massive spoilers for Witcher Season 1 and 2 follow below, so read at your own risk. Our recommendation would be to watch it first and then read this.

Who is Emhyr Var Emreis?

The season 2 finale’s biggest surprise was the revelation of Emperor Emhyr. It left certain viewers with a lot of questions. Who is he? What is the White Flame? Why was the reveal a huge deal? Well, we have some answers for you. First of all, White Flame is Emhyr Var Emries, who is the Emperor of Nilfgaard. But who is Emhyr and what did he mean by “find my daughter”?

Emhyr was revealed to be Ciri’s father Duny. You might remember him from Season 1 as well as the flashbacks Ciri saw in Season 2. His curse was broken by Geralt in season 1 upon which he claimed the aw of surprise. In season 2 he reappeared in Ciri’s visions with Triss as well as in the finale.

In Ciri’s finale vision, everyone who was dead started fading, but you might have noticed Duny didn’t. That was the first clue on how Duny is still alive. Not only did he survive the storm which killed Pavetta (Ciri’s mother), he became the Emperor of Nilfgaard. In the book series, this reveal came much later. However, Netflix decided to reveal it already as the biggest twist of this season.

Kingdoms and Politics Explained

Kingdoms and politics in Witcher season 2 were especially confusing to many viewers. For now, what you must know is that all the Northern Kingdoms including Redania, Temeria, Kaedwen, and The Chapter (Sorcerers group) have formed a plot to have Ciri killed. According to them, this would devoid Nilfgaard of their purpose, and Ciri’s power will not be used for evil.

Emperor Emhyr on the other hand has spread unrest among humans and elves to create chaos and grab hold of all kingdoms as well as Ciri. Nilfgaard maintains a stronghold in Cintra, formerly ruled by Queen Calanthe (Ciri’s grandmother). Aside from that, Redenia’s King Vizimir and his spymaster Dijkstra seem to be working on a subplot of their own. Meanwhile, Scoia’tael led by Queen Francesca Findabair is in a war with humans from Northern Kingdoms with the backing of Emhyr.

What Happened to The Witchers?

What the hell happened at Kaer Morhern!? The biggest deviation Netflix took from the books was the story of The Witchers; Eskel who was a major part of the books, and the games were killed off as a Leshen and that final battle at Kaer Morhen took a serious hit on Witchers. Not many of them remain now thanks to the deathless mother – Voleth Meir. This arc and character are the brainchildren of the Netflix team. Nothing of the sort was mentioned in the books.

Who Were The Riders in the Finale?

If you haven’t played the games, or read the books, you must have no idea about who those scary riders were in the finale. Well, they were none other than The Wild Hunt, which Netflix hyped way too early than they were supposed to do. No, they are not the replacement for White Walkers like in Game of Thrones. Saying anything else on the matter would be saying too much, so I won’t. All you need to know is that they are an ominous phenomenon that haunts every person in the world of Witcher.

What’s Next?

The third season was officially confirmed by Netflix months ago, and last month it was all but confirmed that it will have at least 7 seasons. Season 2 was a great season, but it didn’t do a great job following the book it was supposed to be based on. The season was very loosely based on Blood of Elves, the first book in the main saga and third in the full series. Season 3 is going to be based on The Time of Contempt, which is often regarded as one of the best books in the series.

Time of Contempt was when s**t got real, and that is what we expect from Season 3. There are going to be a lot of twists and turns throughout Season 3, which will see The Witcher trapped in a world beyond his understanding. So far Geralt has remained neutral and doesn’t bother himself with politics. But his duty and love towards Ciri and Yeneffer will make him choose sides and sacrifice his neutrality. The following seasons would deal with a deep and dark world full of dilemmas and choices, and that is what makes the Witcher universe so epic!

Also, the final few minutes of the last episode teased The Witcher: Blood Origins which is a story set thousands of years before the events of The Witcher. It would deal with the time when Conjunction of Spheres took place and monsters entered the world of the Witcher. It boasts a strong cast ensemble and would be worth checking out for sure.

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