Gigantomachia vs. Rokurota: who would win in a 1v1 fight?

Gigantomachia vs Rokurota (Image via Studio Bones and Mappa)

Gigantomachia and Rokurota have been known to be one of the strongest antagonists concerning the My Hero Academia and Hell’s Paradise universe. The most important thing to keep in mind while speaking of a battle between them is, it is completely hypothetical so the outcome might not be something that can be usually expected.

Both Gigantomachia and Rokurota are pretty dangerous and can be destructive in case of some inconvenience occurring to them. This is what makes the hypothetical battle more intriguing and spikes the interest in people to know who will get the tag of being victorious.

Diving into the battle of Gigantomachia vs. Rokurota

Gigantomachia and his strengths

Gigantomachia (Image via Studio Bones)
Gigantomachia (Image via Studio Bones)

Gigantomachia is one of the most powerful characters in My Hero Academia. He works as All For One’s bodyguard and is incredibly strong, fast, and tough. He can lift really heavy things and run super fast. Something unique about him is that he can hold multiple Quirks without needing any special modifications to his body. His ability to keep going, even after days of fighting, is impressive.

He has got amazing hearing and a sense of smell too and can find Tomura, his boss, from miles away. His only weakness is that he can’t think for himself and needs orders from Tomura to do anything. To make him even better at his job as a bodyguard, he’s been given six extra Quirks, like the Endurance Quirk that turns his morale into energy and stamina.

Rokurota and his strengths

Rokurota (Image via Studio Mappa)
Rokurota (Image via Studio Mappa)

In Hell’s Paradise, Rokurota is a super tough criminal who is considered too dangerous to let live. He put up quite the fight against Gabimaru, who is considered to be usually pretty skilled at taking down bad guys. Rokurota was so big and strong that he easily broke Eizen’s sword and even gave Genji a major stomach injury.

Apparently, Rokurota has always been strong, even as a kid, he was breaking stones and eating people left and right. Gabimaru said that Rokurota’s attacks and defenses were almost impossible to get past, and just touching him could mean instant death. Even though he is huge, Rokurota is super speedy and has lightning-fast reflexes, making him a scary opponent even for someone like Gabimaru.

Who takes the crown?

Rokurota (Image via Studio Mappa)
Rokurota (Image via Studio Mappa)

Rokurota’s strength and size make him a formidable opponent. He’s able to effortlessly break swords and cause massive injuries to his opponents. Gabimaru, a highly skilled assassin, even had trouble fighting him! And despite his size, Rokurota is surprisingly quick and has great reflexes.

On the other hand, Gigantomachia has incredible physical strength and durability, as well as the ability to grow even larger. He’s also very skilled in combat and has a lot of battle experience. He would be able to dish out devastating attacks to his opponents.

Gigantomachia (Image via Studio Bones)
Gigantomachia (Image via Studio Bones)

In a battle between these two, Rokurota would likely rely on his strength and speed to try to land some powerful blows on Gigantomachia. However, Gigantomachia’s durability and combat skills would make it difficult for Rokurota to deal with any significant damage. Gigantomachia would likely try to wear down Rokurota with his relentless attacks, using his size and strength to overpower him.

To conclude, which is not an easy job, Gigantomachia is expected to be tagged as the winner of the hypothetical battle that has been talked about, taking over Rokurota.

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