Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 Leaks: Blade and Kafka banners | All Details

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Leaks Blade and Kafka banners All Details - Featured

HoYoverse’s latest release, Honkai: Star Rail, has been the talk of the town ever since its release. Compared to its predecessor, Genshin Impact, HSR has much to offer players regarding new combat gameplay, characters, and lore. As we’re approaching version 1.1, leaks about Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 have been making rounds in online forums – with most of these leaks focusing on the Blade and Kafka banners. Here are all the details you need to know about Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, including the possible release date.

Possible banners in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, according to leaks

Honkai: Star Rail hosts plenty of characters with different personalities and abilities. Since we’re still early on in the game’s story, it’s only expected of HoYoverse that they will release new characters in the coming updates. Once they have enough characters, then it’s safe to say that we’ll have character reruns like that of Seele, the first five-star Quantum character introduced in Honkai: Star Rail.

Before Luocha and Silver Wolf’s debut in the game, leaks about version 1.2 already appear on the Internet. Aside from leaks about events and new features, the main highlight of Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 is the Blade and Kafka banners. For Trailblazers who already completed the Xianzhou Luofu arc, you might already know who these characters are.

Both are part of the Stellaron Hunters, wreaking havoc across the stars and serving as the main antagonists in the game for now. According to leaks, here are all the details about the possible banners arriving in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2.

Blade – 5-star Wind character

Various leaks point to Blade releasing in Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2. He is a five-star character who possesses the element of the Wind and follows the Path of Destruction. He is first introduced to us in the game as the fugitive caught by one of the generals of the Cloud Knights, Jing Yuan.

We also see a connection between Blade and Dan Heng. Once Blade is released, there’s a high chance we’ll learn more about his backstory through story and companion quests.


Blade is a talented swordsman; many fear fighting with him because of his self-healing ability. From what we know about this character, he will be a great DPS for any team comp in Honkai: Star Rail. According to leaks, Blade will be the first banner available in the 1.2 update.

Kafka – 5-star Lightning character

One of the most notorious members of the Stellaron Hunters is also rumored to be making her debut in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2. Kafka is the first character we play in the game. She will be a five-star unit that controls the Lightning element and follows the Path of Nihility.

Characters who follow the Path of Nihility often make great Supports as they can be debuffers. However, many Trailblazers familiar with Kafka’s kit claim she can be a DPS unit. Her abilities can also enable other units that deal damage over time (DoT) to become more powerful in combat.


If these rumors are true, Kafka will be the Featured Banner in Phase 2 of Honkai: Star Rail 1.2.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 also introduces a new four-star character in the banners

Aside from the Blade and Kafka banners in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, a new playable four-star will also arrive in this update. As of writing, it is unclear whether Luka will join the Blade or Kafka banner. However, several leakers have claimed that Trailblazers can obtain him once the new update is released.

Luka is a four-star Physical character. He follows the Path of Nihility, similar to Kafka, and will act as a great damage dealer in your team comps. According to his lore, Luka is a member of Wildfire, the popular rebellious group in Jarilo-VI.

Release Date

The possible release date for Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 is July 19, 2023. This speculation is based on the same schedule that Genshin Impact patches follow. Of course, do take all this information with a grain of salt. For now, all we can do is wait for HoYoverse to confirm whether it’s true that Blade and Kafka will get their banners in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2.

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