Shazam! Alternate ending – Explained + Where to watch?

Shazam! Alternate Ending explained

After the debut of the latest Shazam! sequel, Warner Bros Entertainment has released the film’s alternate ending online for fans to enjoy free of charge. Be with us as we explain this new Shazam alternate ending.

Previously only available as paid content, the alternate ending now offers a seamless transition to the sequel. viewers are given the chance to see a different version of the story that offers new insights and perspectives.

What is this new Shazam! Alternate Ending? Explained

Shazam! received positive feedback for its blend of action, comedy, emotion, and a theme of family. It was noted to have more depth than other DCEU films, leading to Warner Bros. approving the latest sequel.

  • In 2019, Warner Bros. Entertainment (WB) released an alternate ending for Shazam! on its official YouTube channel.
  • And recently, WB made a clip available for free on YouTube which was previously only accessible through the movie’s home media extras until this month. You can watch the video above.

What did this new ending show?

Shazam! Alternate Ending explained
Image Courteesy of Warner Bros

The clip begins with the Shazam Family (Billy, Freddy, Eugene, Darla, Pedro, and Mary) leading their foster parents, Victor and Rosa to the backyard to show them a massive Christmas tree they had erected.

After that, the video jumps to “some time later” where the children are seated on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, breaking news of a hostage crisis downtown interrupts their program.

Shazam! Alternate Ending explained
Image Courteesy of Warner Bros

They then exit the house, and the family shouts the magic word and with a lightning flash, they transform into their superpowered alter egos, flying off to save the day.

How did the Creators explain this Alternate Ending?

Furthermore, director David F. Sandberg took to Twitter to clarify the reasoning behind the alternate ending:

“The alternate ending was a backup we shot in case the cameo at the end didn’t work. The alternate had all the kids transform and fly off to stop a hostage situation.”

He even said that he felt a little awkward about his movie having a deleted ending:

“It always feels a bit uncomfortable including deleted scenes. Not only were they cut for a reason, they’re always very rough too since work was stopped on them. It’s a little like giving a lecture in your underwear. I figure it’s worth it though since some find it interesting.”

Could this ending be better than the actual one?

In the first Shazam! movie, the final scene shows the kids eating lunch at school when Billy appears as Shazam and introduces a new friend to Freddy Freema.

Shazam! Alternate Ending explained
Image Courtesy of @HailEternal on Twitter
  • That’s when Henry Cavill’s Superman makes an appearance, but due to the actor’s unavailability and Warner Bros. interference, only his body is shown, leading to the creation of the “Headless Superman” meme.
  • This alternate ending, although not as attention-grabbing as the original, still offers a pleasant moment for viewers as the family illuminates their Christmas tree.


In the end, whether you prefer the original ending or the alternate one, that Shazam! is a fun, heartfelt, and exciting adventure that we all loved.

That’s everything to know about the Shazam! alternate ending. What did you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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