Volleyball Player JM Espanso’s Controversial Pares Eatery Incident Goes Viral on TikTok

Volleyball Player JM Espanso's Behavior at Pares Eatery Sparks Criticism

Libero Jhonmark “JM” Espanso, formerly with D’Navigators, received criticism for his behavior at a Pares eatery in Laguna. In a circulating online video, the former player intentionally poured chili oil on the table after his group finished eating. Background voices can be heard urging him to pour other condiments. Later, as the server brought their change, Espanso poured a cup of water onto the table.


Sa pares naman daw ni diwata next #diwata #pares

♬ original sound – Prettypau🌸 – Prettypau🌸

This behavior received plenty of criticism from netizens, urging JM Espanso’s school and team to conduct an investigation, considering the possibility of suspending or removing any privileges he might have. It’s uncertain whether he is currently enrolled at NU Philippines, raising questions about his standing within the institution.

D’Navigators Statement

His former team D’Navigators then issued a public apology for the player, stating:

“We have been receiving a lot of messages from different persons who question the behavior of one of our players from the last conference. In as much as we want to react negatively, we were also surprised by what we saw online. The team focuses on our current league, and we have no idea why it happened because he was with his other circle of friends at that time. We also want to apologize if this affects how you see the whole team but please conduct a thorough probe to spare the rest of the players from judgment and false accusations. Despite his public apology through his personal FB account, not everyone sees the post. Nevertheless, we thank everyone’s concern and trust that we will call his attention, and it will not be dealt lightly.”

Was JM Espanso drunk?

No further evidence suggests that the player was under the influence of alcohol.

Where is the Pares Eatery Located?

Binan Laguna, Philippines.

Was it a marketing strategy?

Based on the TikTok account of pauline_diaz26, the viral video was not a marketing strategy. The restaurant owner seems to be a friend of Espanso’s group. His group then returned the following day, apologized to the owner, and paid for some customers’ orders during their return.

Lastly, Prettypau’s account posted the conversation between Espanso and the owner, talking about the incident via FB messenger. The volleyball player apologized to the owner, but the owner said he should apologize to the server working during the incident.


Nag iisang pinaka masarap na paresan sa biñan laguna mura na masarap pa😋#pares #masarap #sulit

♬ original sound – Prettypau🌸 – Prettypau🌸

The owner then joked to Espanso “…Basta pag broken wag magkalat,” allegedly talking about a possible heartbreak the libero was experiencing and may be the reason why he is not thinking straight at that moment.

Public Apology

As per the statement of D’Navigators, Espanso posted a public apology on his personal Facebook page which only a select few can read. His account is now locked and is not visible to the public eye.

Volleyball Player JM Espanso's Behavior at Pares Eatery Sparks Criticism
Image Courtesy of Team D’Navigators 2023 via Facebook

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