Who is the Man behind the Viral Video of Lea Salonga’s Backstage issue with fans? 

Lea Salonga viral backstage video fan Cristopher Carpila

Lea Salonga has had a pretty eventful week, all thanks to the viral video of her backstage interaction with fans. The Broadway singer had an unpleasant conversation with an overenthusiastic group which flouted security rules to meet their idol. As the video went viral, netizens had mixed opinions on whether the singer was justified in her response to the fans’ requests. Cristopher Carpila, the man who recorded the video, has opened up on the incident. Let’s look at the man behind the viral video of Lea Salonga’s backstage issue with her fans and what he had to say about the encounter.

Cristopher Carpila opens up about backstage incident with Lea Salonga

Salon owner and theater enthusiast Cristopher Carpila opened up about the incident in an exclusive interview on the Julius and Tintin show. The man had recorded the original Lea Salonga backstage video, which went viral, and posted it on his Facebook account. 

The Filipino fan was a tourist in New York and part of a group that attended Lea Salonga’s Broadway performance of Here Lies Love. Like many Filipino fans attending shows, their group wanted to share a special moment with the star and click a picture to remember it. 

In the interview with Julius Babao and Christine Bersola-Babao, Cristopher narrated what led to the controversial backstage video. After the show, he and his friends inquired about Lea Salonga’s whereabouts from a theater personnel. 

They were directed to the exit door, where artists usually come out to sign autographs or head home. As they waited, another personnel informed them that Lea was inside her dressing room.

Eventually, they got permission to enter the backstage area. Cristopher expressed joy over the opportunity but understood the need to follow protocols and respect Lea’s space after an exhausting performance. 

What happened backstage between Lea Salonga and her fans?

Cristopher’s group queued up in the backstage area for picture-taking and a brief conversation with Lea Salonga. They waited patiently outside the dressing room for their turn. When their chance came, they couldn’t contain their excitement at meeting the Tony Award winner.

However, Lea Salonga politely declined their request for a photo. She explained to them that only those on the guest list were allowed in her dressing room due to security concerns. She was concerned about strangers approaching her in such private spaces.

Despite the refusal, Cristopher Carpila and his group respected Lea’s decision and appreciated the opportunity to meet her outside the dressing room. He acknowledged Lea for her graciousness in taking pictures with fans who were not on the guest list, despite the scuffle that happened.

Cristopher Carpila and Lea Salonga’s explanations

Following the incident, Cristopher Carpila faced criticism for uploading the backstage video. He clarified that he did not intend to defame Lea Salonga. However, he expressed his disappointment at how they were initially treated and admitted that he was hurt.

It seems like a potential miscommunication between the theater’s security personnel and Lea Salonga’s team. Lea Salonga took to Twitter to remind her fans about personal boundaries and respecting each other’s spaces. 

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