Pokemon Go: How to Get Master Ball

Pokemon Go How to Get Master Ball

Pokemon Go players can finally get their hands on the highly coveted Master Ball, a powerful Pokeball that guarantees a catch. This article will discuss how to obtain the Master Ball and provide a detailed guide on using it effectively. But before we dive into the details, let’s find a more suitable location away from the dog park.

Obtaining the Master Ball

The Master Ball is made available through special seasonal research accessible since the beginning of the season. Players who have progressed through the research can acquire the Master Ball. We’ll cover the entire research line in this article for those who still need to catch up.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Catching Pokemon: This initial step involves catching 15 Pokemon, making 10 great throws, and transferring 20 Pokemon. If you have already completed these tasks, you can skip ahead.
  2. Powering Up and Battling: In step two, players need to power up Pokemon 10 times, make seven great throws, and defeat a Team GO Rocket member. If the Team GO Rocket takeover is active, completing this step’s an excellent opportunity.
  3. Time-Gated Research: At this point, the research was time-gated, preventing further progress. However, with the release of the Master Ball, players can now move past step four.
  4. Obtaining the Master Ball: The new step includes catching 25 Pokemon, defeating three Team GO Rocket grunts, making three excellent throws, evolving five Pokemon, and battling in a gym three times. Once these tasks are completed, players can claim their Master Ball.

Using the Master Ball:

  1. Master Ball Basics: When using the Master Ball, a prompt will appear to confirm its use. Once thrown, a cutscene will commence, and the Pokemon will be caught with a 100% success rate. It is important to note that the Master Ball guarantees the catch, so be cautious when selecting it to avoid accidental usage.
  2. Bonus Experience and First Throw XP: Using the Master Ball, reward players with a bonus XP. The XP for a first throw is also granted when utilizing the Master Ball. This powerful Pokeball prevents accidental drops, instantly triggering the cutscene upon release.
  3. Cautionary Notes: When using the Master Ball on a Galarian bird, especially during an incense event, it is crucial to disable any auto-catch features like the Pokemon GO Plus. If the auto-catcher attempts to catch the Pokemon before the Master Ball, it may flee, resulting in a missed opportunity. Players should exercise caution and pay close attention to avoid accidental usage or missed catches.

Introducing the Master Ball in Pokemon Go opens new possibilities for trainers to capture elusive Pokemon. With its guaranteed capture rate and bonus XP rewards, the Master Ball becomes an invaluable asset.

Remember the precautions and guidelines mentioned in this article to make the most of this powerful item. Now that you possess a Master Ball go out there and catch ’em all! Let us know in the comments what Pokemon you plan to capture using your Master Ball.

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