Amazon’s New World had been huge when it was first released, with players queueing up to try the game for the first time. However, as time passed, the flaws began to show. Bugs and exploits had plagued the game, with endgame experience being an issue as well. However, the devs have been responding. Now, the devs are making a change in how the endgame plays out.

“We have to do a better job of driving players to all of our endgame activities. Right now, they are being driven towards a very small portion of our endgame mechanics and it is rightfully leaving them wanting more.”
– Scot Lane, Game Director (Interview with PCGamesN)


The Expedition Mutators is the name of the new feature that will improve the endgame experience for players. This will alter the difficulty and complexity of combat, while also improving the rewards which will include “new bespoke gear and resources” for those who can stand their ground.

Points in Expeditions will come from a mix of different factors. This will include kills, respawns, team wipes, total time, and other performance-based bonuses. When players do well in one mutated expedition, they will face a more difficult one next. As the difficulty increases, so do the quantity and quality of rewards.

However, this is not going to be all that easy. Amazon has warned that higher difficulties are going to be very hard to beat. Gear Scores are going to be crucial, as they will directly impact enemy scaling. There are three mutators:

Dynasty Shipyard Garden of Genesis Lazarus Instrumentality


  • The Mutators are already available on New World’s public test realm. The mutators will also be swapped continuously to provide a varied range of experiences. In this test period, the mutator rotation will be accelerated to allow players to experience more mutations, with a new mutation every 48 hours.
  • Players will have a 600 Gear Score when they start out, as well as a bunch of keys. Moreover, in the final week of the testing, PTR players will be given maxed loadout to help out with the level 10 mutations.

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