Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty sells her farts and people are buying them

Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty has ventured into uncharted territory: selling her farts.

Singaporean streamer Kiaraakitty has gained popularity with over 530,000 Twitch followers. But her strange online store—rather than her gaming prowess or likable demeanor—has the internet talking.

Kiaraakitty’s Bizaare Merchandise

Kiaraakitty’s foray into the world of peculiar merchandise began in 2021, following a trend amongst some influencers: selling their bathwater. While the concept raised eyebrows, Kiaraakitty took it a step further.

Farts for Sale.. ??

Kiaraakitty, known for her lively gaming streams and vibrant personality, recently made headlines by offering her flatulence for sale. Through her Twitch channel and social media platforms, she announced the availability of her “artisanal farts” for purchase, sparking a flurry of reactions across the internet.


Have a Farting Good Day from @kiaraakitty1

♬ original sound – stylobin – stylobin

While some may dismiss it as a mere publicity stunt, Kiaraakitty’s venture into the world of fart-selling has garnered significant interest and even generated sales. One order of the Kiaraakitty Farts is a whopping $300!

Kiaraakitty Fart Jar Description

Fans eager to own a piece of internet history have flocked to her online store, where they can choose from various packages, including digital downloads and physical jars containing purportedly captured farts.

Are you curious how your favorite streamer Kiaraakitty
smells like?

A Menu of the Weird

Kiaraakitty’s online store has become a treasure trove (or perhaps a trash trove) of the unusual:

  • Used Socks and “Gamer Girl” Sweat: Capitalizing on a niche market, she has sold used socks and workout clothes, sparking discussions about hygiene and the exploitation of stereotypes.
  • Signed “Bath Bombs”: Taking the “bathwater” concept a step further, she has offered bath bombs infused with the “essence” of her bathwater, leaving many questioning the product’s actual ingredients and effectiveness.
  • “Cursed” Gaming Peripherals: Kiaraakitty even ventured into the realm of paranormal affairs, offering reportedly “cursed” secondhand gaming accessories that, according to her, brought ill luck to her opponents in online games.

Is it Attention-Grabbing or Just Plain Strange?

Whether these oddities are a genuine attempt to capitalize on a unique market niche or simply a ploy for attention remains a matter of speculation. However, one thing is sure: Kiaraakitty has managed to carve a space for herself in the internet’s hall of fame (or, perhaps, infamy) thanks to her outlandish online bazaar.

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  1. Nikki_boagreis

    Im not surprised, i’ve seen her streams on Twitch numerous times, she says some out of the ordinary stuff and selling farts comes as no surprise.

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