Hogwarts Legacy: Gun mod – Explained

You know how the old saying goes: Never bring a knife to a gunfight. But what if you could bring a gun to a wand duel? As wild as it sounds, it is actually possible to make it happen thanks to a magic gun mod in the open world Harry Potter-themed RPG, Hogwarts Legacy. Read to find out how the magic gun mod works in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get it.

Magic gun mod

When it comes to mods in Hogwarts Legacy, your imagination is the limit. Mods offer players the chance to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences, with added features, updated graphics, and skins.

  • In a series of exciting new player-made mods, the wizarding world has a new weapon that will put wands to shame: a Glock. Keep in mind, it still works only on a cosmetic level and doesn’t actually shoot bullets at Death Eaters.
Hogwarts Legacy magic gun mods
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  • The Hogwarts Legacy magic gun mod’s page on Nexus mods describes it as a magical device that is based on an 1800s historical design and bears no resemblance to any real-world counterparts of the modern era.

How to install the gun mod

It is common knowledge for Hogwarts Legacy players that your wands can be customized according to your preferred wand length, style, and core. The gun mod and other wand-based mods use this customization feature to alter the appearance of the wand.

Image courtesy of Nexus Mods
  • Installing the magic gun mod in Hogwarts Legacy would replace every default customizable wand. To get it, you have to download the installation files from Nexus Mods and follow the instructions.
  • Keep in mind that Portkey Games does not support mods for Hogwarts Legacy yet. Installing player-made mods comes at your own risk as other games’ publishers sometimes issue takedown notices. 

Other mods in Hogwarts Legacy

So far, Hogwarts Legacy already has its fair share of both useful and quirky mods to enhance your gameplay experience. Accio Clarity is a mod that adds HDR-like clarity to in-game imagery. The arachnophobia mod transforms spiders into boxes.

  • Borrowing from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Hogwarts Legacy has some really wild mods that have puzzled players. Some mods have replaced characters with the iconic Shrek and Thomas the Tank Engine.

  • Mods can be useful when it comes to customizing wands. You can bypass the Sorting Hat quiz in Wizarding World to get your desired wand through a mod, like the Elder Wand for example. 
  • Others have exchanged wands for a spear of asparagus and even a limited edition Nintendo Wii Luigi remote.

  • In such a short span of time since its release, Hogwarts Legacy has become the biggest Harry Potter game launch of all time. The game’s release has been marred by a string of controversies that pertain to the creator of the original Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling.

While there are useful player-made mods that improve the graphics and overall experience of the game, Hogwarts Legacy’s magic gun mod has quickly soared in popularity. 

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