How’s everyone doing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Well, we love searching for the newest Pokemon in this Generation 9 of the series. Got your Dragapult already? It may seem like an update has been added to this creature. In case you’ve missed it, you may read below about what’s new in this Dragapult update!

Dragapult in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Trainers have been on an adventure to hunt down every Pokemon in the Paldea region. Players have been actively voicing out what they notice in the game, specifically the Pokemon and the graphics.

  • This leads us to a Reddit user who noticed a change in the Dragon- and Ghost-type pseudo-legendary Pokemon.
  • In their post, it said that “I am sad. One of my favorite Pokemon got nerfed to the ground.

Dragapult got nerfed massively. from pokemon

  • If you caught and have been using Dragapult before, then you’re familiar with its Dragon Darts attack. This attack involves its base form Dreepy being shot as darts directly to its opponent.
  • However, user khangleshun on Reddit mentions that Dreepy doesn’t seem to be present in the Dragon Darts attack anymore in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Pokemon Dragapult, update
Image Courtesy of The Phoenix Desertsong
  • Let us know below if you’ve been a long-time Trainer and you noticed this change too. It may be just about some graphics changes, but hopefully, the damage would still be the same!

More about Dragapult

Well, in case you don’t have this pseudo-legendary Pokemon added to your Pokedex just yet, we’ll help you. Here’s your needed information about Dragapult, its evolution forms, and a lot more to know!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, dragapult evolution
Image Courtesy of Tenorshare
  • Dragapult is from the the evolution of it’s base form, Dreepy. It evolves to Drakloak when it reaches Level 50. Once Drakloak gets to be at Level 60, it automatically evolves to Dragapult.

Where to get

  • You can expect that Dragapult is one of the best Pokemon you can use in the video game series. and certainly, you’d want to know where you can get them, right?
  • First things first, Dragapult can’t be caught during exploration. However, you can find its base form, Dreepy. This Pokemon, according to Pokedex, lives by water and the wetlands. Beware of it as it is rarely seen because of its small size!
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Dragapult Dreepy location
Image Courtesy of Nintendo via Dot Esports
  • Staying near the rivers in the East Province would be the best way if you’re in for a hint for Dreepy. You may check out the following areas well:
    • South Province (both in Area Five and Area Six)
    • Glaseado Mountains (by the rivers as well)

Its stats, strengths, and weaknesses

If you caught Dreepy, evolve it to Drakloak, then to Dragapult! Here are its stats and its strengths for your reference. Pretty sure you’d like to have this Pokemon once you read through below.

  • Its Abilities include Clear Body or Infiltrator and hidden ability of a Cursed Body. Moreover, the stats are as follows:
    • HP reaches 88
    • Attack at 120
    • Defense at 75
    • Special Attack reaches 100
    • Special Defense is at 75
    • The highest stat it has should be its Speed at 142
  • Furthermore, Dragapult is strong against Normal and Fighting types. However, it is weak to attacks of Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Ghost.

Have yourself a Dragapult and enjoy battling, Trainers!

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