X: TXT Soobin Trends After Leaked Private Live With RIIZE Seunghan Goes Viral | Fans React

X: TXT Soobin Trends After Leaked Private Live With RIIZE Seunghan Goes Viral | Fans React

Who thought that a private Instagram live of TXT Soobin with RIIZE Seunghan would go viral? And for two different reasons — a funny one and an alleged insult to another K-pop idol. Soobin’s name is currently trending on the Tweeting platform, X (formerly Twitter), and in case you missed it, here’s what went down during the leaked livestream.

What Did TXT Soobin and RIIZE Seunghan Do? 

On the morning of November 17, KST, TXT Soobin became a trending topic on X. We thought the BIGHIT MUSIC group dropped some surprise announcement, but in reality, we were shocked with screenshots of a private Instagram live. The TXT member might be the only one trending for now, but in the live, he was joined by SM Entertainment’s RIIZE member, Seunghan.

  • It seems like it was not a recent live, though. Soobin’s hair in the viral video is still blonde, but currently, the idol turned his hair color to black.

Fortunately, the whole livestream wasn’t leaked, however, some parts made it viral among K-pop fans and social media. It became a hot topic on X after a known Korean translation page, pannchoa, posted an article with the exchange of the boy band members.

But isn’t this a fact? It’s a fact. You can’t dance, can’t sing, and can’t rap. You’re all excited just because you got to MC for MuBank, our Eunchae is there (on the show).

  • The discussion board on theqoo was raging, as Seunghan’s words suggest that he was describing Eunchae, after mentioning her in the last part. TXT Soobin trended because of his response to Seunghan saying, “I have something to show you.” He then turned the camera to show the RIIZE member his middle toe up.

According to pannchoa’s article, the original video came from an X user, but already deleted the Tweet. They posted it on theqoo, a popular discussion forum in South Korea, saying that the video was spreading in real time.

Fact Check: Did the two insult Eunchae?

Fans on X are bombarding the comments section of pannchoa’s Tweet, saying that they mistranslated the whole exchange. A fan said they re-listened to the video, and here’s what they got.

Seunghan: “No, but isn’t it a fact? (You) can’t sing or dance or rap, and you’re all excited just because you became an MC for MuBank… even getting to meet our Eunchae.”

Soobin: “Hey, I’ve got something to show you. *sticks up his middle toe*

Seunghan: *laughs*

  • If you watched the whole interaction, you’ll quickly pick up that Seunghan was joking but isn’t directed to LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae. Instead, he was teasing Soobin, which the TXT member’s gesture makes sense, as Seunghan was making fun of him.

The verdict: No, the two weren’t insulting Eunchae. Her name just got mentioned, because this early 2023, Soobin MC-ed with her in Music Bank. All of Seunghan’s words were directed to Soobin.

Fans flooded X with memes and defending

As the topic quickly found its way to the trending list, we checked out how MOAs and the RIIZE fandom handled the situation. Most of them were celebrating as they knew that Soobin and Seunghan were close friends (best friends, perhaps!)

Of course, fans who knew about pannchoa’s mistranslations defended the two K-pop idols. Some even mentioned that the leakage of the Instagram live is an invasion of privacy for the idols, as their usernames were not removed from the video or screenshot.

soobin is still trending on K-pop Twitter with over 43,000 Tweets and counting. Honestly, it’s his gesture that had everyone rolling on their floors — the sticking of his middle toe. MOAs made fun of what could be his reaction when he found out that his toe had been trending all over social media, while some even imitated it.

It’s been cleared up that Soobin and Seunghan have no intention to harm or insult Eunchae. We hope that this could also be a reminder for translation accounts to be careful of what you put out.

Also, leave K-pop idols alone in their private spaces. It’s nice knowing that they are friends, but getting the information this way is not right. Respect their privacy, fans.

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