Brewing underneath Spy x Family’s happy surface is something sinister

The second half (cour) of the first season of Tetsuya Endo made famous Spy x Family Anime is going strong. One of the finest ways to really spyce up (pun intended) a spy family drama is to find the subtle elements one sees in a family. A good spy family must contain the natural spices of a good ‘family’ first. But what possibility hides underneath the happy and bright smiles might be something sinister. Here’s what we mean

The happy family surface in Forger family in Spy x Family Anime and Manga

loid, yor and anya
The Forger family, courtesy of crunchyroll
  • An ideal nuclear family in today’s capitalist world comprises a working husband and wife, with both sharing household responsibilities. Although the Wife still takes a lead in household activities.
  • Spy x Family began with Loid Forger’s spy job, having to infiltrate school in which his target minister’s son studies in. Forger was forced to make a child, or as a faster alternative, adopt one.

The forger family is becoming more intimate

Bond and her dog, I mean, Anya and her dog via MuseAsia

Ever since we have seen Loid’s mission-only family become something more than just a mission. Yor’s addition as the mother and Anya’s frenzies have only made each of them fall deeper in love with the other. In what will be Forger family’s biggest obstacle in the coming of the story, they shall first try to at least hide their secret identities.

Spy x Family beautifully showcases a ‘normal family’ that comprises of abnormal members

Spy x Family plot
Yor is a master assassin with certain psychopathic tendencies, courtesy of IMDB
  • Yor is a high-class assassin, and Loid is a super-government spy. Anya is an esper who is telepathic and Bond, Anya’s new companion is a clairvoyant pet.
  • If anything, this is far from being a normal family. Spy x Family ends up playing many elements that anyone who’s grown up in a functional family may relate to.

A wife who wishes to make sure her cooking is good enough for her husband? Check. A child who wishes to earn the best credit impression from her father? Check. An abandoned traumatized dog who has been adopted? Check.

The darker side in Tetsuya Endo made Spy x Family Anime and Manga

Spy x Family Anime
Why you need courtesy, this is some epic meme template

Tetsuya Endo made Spy x Family equally includes certain darker elements if you think about it. These more grotesque parts get lost amidst an array of beautiful colors, music, and background.

  • The pivotal themes of Spy x Family plot include assassination, murder, lying and deception, trauma, and human experimentation. I apologize to be breaking it to you, Spy x Family can be very dark if it has to be.

What Yor and Loid can do if any of the family members get to know their secret

Anya sees the death of loid in Spy x Family
Anya sees a vision of her and her mother who are broken after Loid’s future death.

The entire point of why Yor wouldn’t kill her family because they get to know her identity (we hope) is because of the nature of the series. But as a thought experiment, just imagine –

    1. Yor assassinates the entire family and flees after doing so. Or she finds out that Anya can read minds and have known everything. To keep Loid from finding out, she disposes of Anya discreetly. Or she finds out about both Anya and Bond, takes care of both of them, and makes it out to be an accident.
    2. Put Loid in the same situation, and he probably also finds a way to dispose of them. He’ll just find another family.

One of the ways we can further explore this matter is to take a look at Bond, Anya’s new companion.

Bond’s trauma is only one definition of how each member of the Forger family has a dark element

Project apple in spy x family
Project apple, Ostanian government’s finest program for building high IQ pets for missions, snapped via crunchyroll

Even if we see intelligent dogs in our day-to-day lives, we hardly see dogs who will know and understand and react in the ways Bond did when Anya asked him to potty in the right place. He also seems to be quite brave but cowardly. His bravery voyaged first when he attempted to save Anya from the group of terrorists before him. As such it is evident that the dog is very compassionate and caring.

Spy x Family Anime Plot is Dark
Courtesy of this fine artist right here
  • But it is revealed that Bond was experimented on using electric shock, fed food equivalent to cow dung, and treated horribly.
    • As such Bond has trauma that shines through during his day-to-day encounters. If not for the trauma he probably would have been brave without his cowardice.
  • It seems odd to think that both can go together, but for Bond the gesture of taking a weapon in arms is traumatizing. A trigger is difficult to overcome even for humans, Bond is still a dog.

Why you shouldn’t be depressed yet

Tetsuya Endo's animanga may be quite dark
I made this meme, mind you

So, Spy x Family plot can easily be a dark story about a selfish fake spy who adopts a child only to drop her when he’s done. But that probably won’t be the case. Although the line is very thin here. Because as it was revealed in the first episode of Spy x Family anime itself, Loid has done this multiple times.

Now, these are some very real but perhaps unlikely possibilities that brew underneath Spy x Family plot.  As it has been hinted enough times, the entire Spy family should get to know each others’ secret by the end. What will keep them together is the journey they have shared and their memories.

Bond and Anya
courtesy of Muse Asia

Even if they did it with a mission in mind, it does end up becoming something akin to a real family. So although a whole dark underground alley exists within the surface of the happy countenance, it won’t manifest anytime soon. It probably won’t ever manifest. Tetsuya Endo won’t turn a happy spy drama into Berserk or Attack on Titan. Or so we hope. But, let a man dream.

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