Dota 2 update 7.33: Release date, pre-release patch notes & more

Artwork of Muerta

The wait is finally over as the Dota 2 7.33 patch update is right around the corner. The major patch is set to release today as announced by the community manager of Dota 2, Wykrhm Reddy.

Since the end of last year’s The International, fans are still waiting for the change of Dota 2 meta. However, since then, a bunch of sub-patches has been dished out delaying the actual patch.

Instead of the long-awaited 7.33 patch, Valve recently released the Dead Reckoning update in Dota 2 as the 7.32e update. This was a shock as the whole community was ready for a major update and Valve never releases a new hero on a sub-patch.

However, keeping all things aside, hidden within the archives, Valve announced the supposed release time of the 7.33 patch. The patch update was set to come this April. The 7.32 patch was the one that The International 11 was played on.

And since then, fans are deliriously waiting for the 7.33 patch update. Even back on March 6th, everybody thought the slated 7.33 was what the fans would be getting.

But to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be the 7.32e sub-patch delaying the inevitable release of 7.33. And finally, with a bit of an enigma code, Wykrhm revealed the date of the awaited Dota 2 7.33 patch. According to the tweet, the update is coming on Smaypril Twemmieth which is a sort of anagram for April Twentieth.

When will Dota 2 patch update 7.33 be released?

As mentioned above, everybody was fooled that the Dota 2 patch update 7.33 will be coming out on March 6. However, to everyone’s disdain, it turned out to be yet another sub-patch, prolonging the wait.

While the community is in toil over when to expect the next patch update, their savior, Wykrhm Reddy comes to the rescue. The leading Dota 2 community manager states with affirmation that the Dota 2 update 7.33 will be coming to the platform in late April this year.

That being said, there is no definite time window within which the update will drop. But knowing Valve, it is most likely going to be dropped on a Sunday night or Monday morning.

However, the trend breaks as the next patch is finally coming today, on a Thursday of all days and fans are expecting the changes to be legendary.

Possible additions in the Dota 2 7.33 patch update

The leaked items
The leaked items – Image via Reddit post of kenxocd

Right before the Dead Reckoning update, a prominent data miner on Reddit posted a few interesting findings. Going through the API of Dota 2, kenxocd found some interesting additions or tool tips. Those are as follows:

  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_samurai_tabi’, ‘cost’: 1200}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_samurai_tabi’, ‘cost’: 4650}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_hermes_sandals’, ‘cost’: 500}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_hermes_sandals’, ‘cost’: 4800}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_witches_switch’, ‘cost’: 625}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_witches_switch’, ‘cost’: 1900}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_lunar_crest’, ‘cost’: 600}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_lunar_crest’, ‘cost’: 2600}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_phylactery’, ‘cost’: 300}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_phylactery’, ‘cost’: 2800}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_disperser’, ‘cost’: 600}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_disperser’, ‘cost’: 4600}
  • {‘name’: ‘item_recipe_harpoon’, ‘cost’: 1400}

While these never came to be true in the 7.32e patch update, these are some things to look out for in the upcoming major update.

Among various hype tweets, the Dota 2 community manager posted a few riddles making fans guess regarding potential changes that are set to come to the game.

Hero additions or changes

With Muerta, a ranged-agility hero already being released in the sub-patch, it is highly unlikely that another new hero will be released in the upcoming Dota 2 7.33 patch update. Other than that, some major changes will surely be made to existing heroes to tweak the gameplan existing all this long.

While some will see the fall of many heroes, others will get to see their favorite heroes regain glory. With that being said, Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrades for Muerta is expected to release with the patch. On top of that, the hero will most likely be added to the Captain’s Mode hero pool.

Map overhaul

Even though the current map is quite balanced for both teams, there are some parts that need a little bit of redoing. For example, the chokepoint between Roshan pit and the pull camps of Dire is very much in Dire’s favor.

While that is one thing, just like any other major patch, we expect a massive overhaul of the current map. Creating new positions, removing a few neutral camps, and adding some others will be done in the process.

This is everything knowns so far regarding the upcoming major Dota 2 7.33 patch update. We will add more information along the way as more things are revealed.

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