Elden Ring: Where To Find All Prayerbooks?

The long-awaited Elden’s Ring has arrived, and it’s packed with brand-new things like prayerbooks. Some of the many classes in FromSoftware’s new open-world RPG game will be interested in learning more about these specific books and where they may be found. All the information you’ll need on Elden Ring‘s prayerbooks may be found right here! Let’s go! 😄

What are they? 🤔

  • Incantations may be unlocked with prayerbooks found in Elden Ring. They can do a variety of things, from casting spells that deal damage to healing spells, you name it. Using Faith-based spells can be highly beneficial, especially to the Confessor and Prophet classes.
  • Simply hand them over to Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold to get access to the Incantations included within each book. Brother Corhyn’s Incantations are available to buy from there.

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Assassin’s Prayerbook Assassin’s Approach and Darkness
Godskin Prayerbook Black Flame and Black Flame Blade
Fire Monks’ Prayerbook O, Flame! and Surge, O Flame!
Giant’s Prayerbook Giantsflame Take Thee and Flame, Upon Them
Two Finger’s Prayerbook Lord’s Heal and Lord’s Aid
Dragon Cult Prayerbook Lightning Spear, Honed Bolt, and Electrify Armament
Ancient Dragon Prayerbook Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear and Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike
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Assassin’s Prayerbook (Roundtable Hold)

Located behind the 2nd Imp Statue in Roundtable Hold. The 1st door takes one key to unlock, while the second one takes two keys to unlock. So, obviously, you’ll need a total of three Stonesword Keys.

Godskin Prayerbook (Stormveil Castle)

Head outside of Rampart Tower and jump across the right side of the roof. Then, jump to the left side over the banister where you see the ledge and a set of stairs. Kill the rats and dispel the white fog open the chest with 1x Stonesword Key.

Fire Monks’ Prayerbook (Liurnia of the Lakes)

Recovered from a dead body at a southern Fire Monk outpost.

Giant’s Prayerbook (Mountaintops of the Giants)

You can find this book on the top of Guardian’s Garrison. Check the tower behind Chief Guardian Arghanthy, and head up the ladder.

Dragon Cult Prayerbook (Artist’s Shack)

Head over the south of Liurnia of the Lakes and find a patrolling gold knight. This book is dropped by this enemy.

Ancient Dragon Prayerbook (Crumbling Beast Grave Depths)

Walk past the 3 skeletons and head down the set of stairs. Go past the 1st hallway then turn to the right going to a huge area. Go near where you see blood on the top of rubbles. You’ll get the book from the skeleton near it. See the images below!

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11 thoughts on “Elden Ring: Where To Find All Prayerbooks?”

  1. Hi,
    It matters to who you give them? I mean, if you learn different or even more spells from someone you give a specific book/scroll.

    1. one good reason to give to the Turtle is he remains at the church of vows, the prophet appears to leave roundtable, when & why – needs research.

  2. I accidently gave one of my prayerbooks to Brother Corhyn, is there any way I can get them back and give them to the turtle instead?

    1. Owen Kesterson

      Let me help, where you fight spirit godfrey, you can go up the root and out that door, take a left, into the open window, make your way to the chair hanging from the ceiling for the two fingers prayerbook.

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