Boruto Chapter 78 sees Sasuke Uchiha make an epic return to stop Kawaki

In the latest Boruto Chapter 78 however, the ex-Rinnegan owner makes his epic return. To save his pupil and best friend’s son.  But this has also got us wondering the age-old question – Will Sasuke die in Boruto?

Naruto fans are often stirred to the brim by the disappearance of their fangirl-able Sasuke Uchiha. Something Sasuke has been doing ever since the beginning of the series – leave and disappear. Of course, the fangirling has also ensued in similar length.

What happened in the latest Boruto Chapter 78?

In the latest Boruto chapter 78 spoilers, Sasuke has made a comeback to the series after his last appearance in chapter 73, where he discussed the developments concerning Eida and the Otsutsukis with Naruto. This time around, Sasuke is back to confront the threat posed by Kawaki.

What happened previously?

Boruto Chapter 77
Kawaki suspects Boruto. image courtesy of Viz Media
  • In Boruto Chapter 77, Kawaki demands that Momoshiki, who he believes is residing within Boruto, reveal himself. Boruto is taken aback and unsure of how to react.
  • As Kawaki becomes increasingly agitated, he realizes that removing Momoshiki will be challenging with Naruto involved. He understands that if Naruto’s son is harmed in the process, the Hokage will be provoked into taking action.

The ultimate plan of Kawaki sought to rid Boruto of Momoshiki’s influence by attempting to kill him. He first approached Naruto to express his gratitude for his kindness before revealing his plan to eliminate Boruto. Kawaki then trapped Naruto and Hinata in an alternate dimension.

We covered this extensively in our previous article named – Boruto finally clears age-old debate about Kawaki killing Naruto. Take a look if you want further insights. 

is Boruto Chapter 78 puts Kawaki against the strongest Uchiha

Boruto Chapter 78
Image courtesy of Twitter user @SuperStationCr1

Now coming back to Boruto Chapter 78. In the latest developments, Sasuke Uchiha has returned after almost four months. That feels like a long time, although not so much given that the Boruto manga releases every month anyways.

Boruto got his scar

Boruto Chapter 78
Boruto saves Sarada yet receives a scar during his attempt, colored panel by fan in Twitter.

When Kawaki was about to attack Sarada, she froze, but Boruto stepped in to save her from danger. Unfortunately, this came at a great cost as Boruto ended up injuring his eye, resulting in the scar.

The same one that had appeared at the very beginning of the series. This is the one when we initially saw Kawaki telling Boruto that he will send him to the same place as he sent Lord seventh.


Just in time, reinforcements arrived in the form of Shikamaru, Mitsuki, and Konohamaru, who used their abilities to try and stop Kawaki. At the same time, Sasuke Uchiha appeared on the scene, holding his blade to Kawaki’s neck and threatening to put an end to his threat.

How do you think the future of Boruto: Naruto Next generations are going to look starting now. As the puzzle pieces that have bothered fans are now finally starting to jolt down together.

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