Hogwarts Legacy: Enemies and Weaknesses – All details

Hogwarts Legacy all enemies and their weaknesses

You have been waiting all your life to become a bonafide wizard or witch in Hogwarts. You have already learned every spell and incantation, plus you have understood everything there is needed to learn in the wizarding world. Now, it is time for you to your skills to the test. In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be facing a handful of enemies, all varying in type. Thus, you will be needing all the knowledge for you to survive the world outside of Hogwarts. But, as a good comrade, we will be helping you understand all enemies you are about to face and everything about their weaknesses.

List of all monsters in Hogwarts Legacy and their weaknesses

Arachnids (Spiders)

Of course, who would forget Hagrid’s favorite species … the Spiders?

These creatures love to spit acid that inflicts poison damage to the receiver. However, almost all magic spiders are vulnerable to fire and burn spells. Also, it would be better to dodge their attacks instead of putting up Shield Charms since some of the arachnids like the Thornback/Venomous Matriarch bites through that defensive spell. Here’s a list of the spiders in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Thornback Shooter
  • Thornback Hatchling
  • Thornback Scurriour
  • Thornback Ambusher
  • Thornback Matriarch
  • Venomous Scurriour
  • Venomous Hatchling
  • Venomous Shooter
  • Venomous Matriarch

Best spell/s: Incendio/Confringo

Location: Spiders are usually found in the Forbidden Forest, in Battle Arenas, and in Spider nests


On to the next one! This type of enemy is bigger and stronger than the others. In addition to that, they’re also pretty tough, just by looking at their armor.

Some wizards/witches are having a difficult time with the Guardians. Although they are quite predictable, they still can’t seem to beat them in one run. But, Guardians are actually vulnerable to any kind of magic spells. In fact, you can disarm them to give you a short window of time to throw everything you have. It will take longer but at least you’ll defeat them easily. Here are the types of Guardians you’ll find along the way:

  • Pensieve Sentry
  • Pensieve Sentinel
  • Pensieve Protector
  • Pensieve Guardian

Gamer pro tip: Destroy the Guardian’s magic orb whenever you can. This will return the damage to them

Best spell/s: Expelliarmus

Location: You don’t need to locate Guardians since they are part of the Keeper’s Trials storyline


Ah yes, the ever-grumpy Goblins. I wonder why they despise everyone in the wizarding world. Hmmm.

Though they don’t look like it, Goblins are skilled weapon-wielders. These Ranrok loyalists have proven that they are quite a formidable opponent. Rangers are used to using crossbows, Assassins are fond of cunning blades, and Loyalist Warriors love heavy and blunt weapons. Meanwhile, the stronger kind, the Commanders, like to wield hammers. Despite that, Goblins can be easily stunned using Stupefy. This leaves them vulnerable to any form of attack. Apart from stunning, you can also disarm or slow them down. Below are all the types of Goblins in the game:

  • Loyalist Ranger
  • Loyalist Commander
  • Loyalist Sentinel
  • Loyalist Warrior
  • Loyalist Assassin

Best spell/s: Stupefy, Expelliarmus, Arresto Momentum, Descendo

Location: Ranrok’s mine (found at the north end of the Marunweem Lake)

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“Troooooooolls! In the dungeon! Trolls in the dungeon!” – Professor Quirrell

Strong, powerful, and tough as nails. These are the main traits of trolls in the Harry Potter universe. However, they aren’t the brightest of creatures. They may strike with huge force and contain a lot of HP (health points), but they are super slow. They’re on par with the Guardian’s strength and power, only that they aren’t as quick. Thus, throwing ranged spells and curse are the perfect way to go. Here are all the types of trolls in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Fighter Troll
  • Forest Troll
  • Fortified Troll
  • Mountain Troll
  • Quagmire Troll
  • River Troll
  • Armoured Troll

Gamer Pro Tip: While attacking, get farther away as much as possible. Also, when a troll tries to hit you with boulders, a counter-attack by launching that same boulder toward the troll would be a good move. That will catch it off-guard and make it more vulnerable for your next attacks.

Best spell/s: Throw spell, Ancient magic spell, Stupefy, Petrificus Totalus


  • Deep in the Forbidden Forest
  • At Feldcroft Region, past Priya Treadwell
  • On the south side of the bridge at Coastal Cavern
  • Right by the South Poidsear Coast fast travel point
  • Across Marunweem Bridge at Marunweem Lake
  • Slightly northwest of the Bainburgh settlement
  • At the southernmost point of Manor Cape close to Henrietta’s Hideaway
  • In between the Cragcroftshire and Clagmar Coast regions, next to the three big rocks by the coast

The Inferius

Zombies, in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Hogwarts Legacy inferius

The Inferius aren’t your usual zombies since they can block most of your magic spells. But, these undead creatures live mostly in dark areas hence why they hate light and fire. This means you can cast burning curses like Incendio and Confringo to light them up. Once you have burned them, you can follow up with any spells in your arsenal such as Bombarda.

Best spell/s: Incendio/Confringo/Bombarda

Location: frequently found in Treasure Vaults, during Sebastian’s relationship quest line, and in Inferi nests

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Magical Beasts

Not all beasts in the wizarding world are kind, benevolent, and friendly. There are other kinds that would want to kill you the moment they see you lurking around their territories.

The beasts we mean are these:

  • Great Spined Dugbog
  • Cottongrass Dugbog
  • Dark Mongrel
  • The Grim Mongrel

Defeating them isn’t that hard. Dugbogs are somewhat camouflaged beasts that like to blend with the environment they’re in. To reveal them, simply cast Revelio and viola! But wait, wait for the exciting part. Once the Dugbog reveals its tongue, quickly cast Leviosa to hold it in the air while hitting it with your best move.

As for the Mongrels, they aren’t a difficult foe. Their attacks can be easily dodged using Shield Charms. The best form of attack would be pushing it back by blasting it with Depulso.

Best spell/s: Revelio, Wingardium Leviosa, Diffindo, Depulso, Defensive charms

Location: Dugbogs are sometimes found in South Sea Bog & North Ford Bog, and in Dugbog nests. Mongrels, on the other hand, can be located in Dark Mongrel nests and in forest areas in the Hogwarts Valley region.

Bosses (Death’s agents)

The hardest bosses you will ever encounter would be Death and his deadly army.

Death conjured three monstrosities namely Death’s Troll, Death’s Dark Mongrel, and his pack of Death’s Shadows. Truly, they are not your typical foes. To be able to strike them down, you must possess an Elder Wand. The power from this particular wand (which by the way could be acquired by connecting your Wizarding World account to your gaming platform (Playstation, Xbox, or PC) and then participating in the Sorting Ceremony on the Wizarding World website) can take down Death himself. Most importantly, the best spell to cast with the Elder Wand would be Avada Kedavra, a killing curse perfect for these

Best spell/s: Avada Kedavra

Location: Found in the main quest: Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

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Dark Wizards and Witches

Obviously, the worst kind of opponents is none other than your fellow wizards and/or witches you succumbed to the dark side.

They may have mastered certain levels of wizardry but they’re no Dumbledore or Harry Potter. These rogue magicians aren’t the brightest ones out there so basically, any spell would do. But, defense is always the best offense. Protecting yourself at all times against these chumps is still the best way to attack.

  • Ashwinder Duelist
  • Ashwinder Scout
  • Ashwinder Assassin
  • Ashwinder Soldier
  • Ashwinder Executioner
  • Ashwinder Ranger
  • Poacher Duellist
  • Poacher Tracker
  • Poacher Ranger
  • Poacher Executioner
  • Poacher Animagus
  • Poacher Stalker

Best spell/s: Protego + any magic spell to attack

Location: They are mostly found in Bandit camps and Battle arenas

Infamous foes and other bosses

Below are the 18 infamous foe targets as well as other bosses in Hogwarts Legacy. Just like Rogue Wizards and monsters, you can apply what you’ve learned above to these enemies. Once you’ve encountered them, they’ll be just a walk in the park knowing that you have understood their weaknesses already.

  • Ailsa Travers (Infamous Foe)
  • Gwendolyn Zhou (Infamous Foe)
  • Tempest Thorne (Infamous Foe)
  • Iona Morgan (Infamous Foe)
  • Silvanus Selwyn (Infamous Foe)
  • Dunstan Trinity (Infamous Foe)
  • Catrin Haggarty (Infamous Foe)
  • Pergit (Boss in the side quest:  The Tale of Rowland Oakes)
  • Belgruff the Bludgeoner (Infamous Foe)
  • Grodbrik (Infamous Foe)
  • Ogbert the Odd (Infamous Foe)
  • Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse (Infamous Foe)
  • Lord of the Manor (encounter in the side quest: Cursed Tomb Treasure)
  • The Absconder (Infamous Foe)
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  • The Insatiable Spider (encounter in the side quest: Tangled Web)
  • Quagmire Troll (Infamous Foe)
  • Alexandra’s Troll (Infamous Foe)
  • Riparian Troll (Infamous Foe)
  • The Grim (Infamous Foe)
  • The White Wolf (Infamous Foe)
  • Acromantula (Infamous Foe)
  • Puppet (found in a PlayStation-exclusive side quest: Minding Your Own Business)
  • Fastidio’s Monster (found in a PlayStation-exclusive side quest: Minding Your Own Business)

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