Horizon Forbidden West: Plainsong Hunting Grounds, How to Complete

Completing the Plainsong Hunting Grounds is one of the more unique trial sets in Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll need a stealthy approach if you want to acquire all the rewards offered by this location. You’ll gain access to the trials after helping the groundskeeper defeat the nearby machines. You won’t need a specific weapon type for this trial.

Silent Looting

As the name implies, you’ll need to loot three supply caches without alerting any machines in the area. You also cannot highlight the patrol paths of the Burrowers if you want to get Full Stripes. The best way to go about this trial is to use tall poles and long grass. Preferably, you’d go to a higher elevation to get a better view of the area.

Image Courtesy of Guerrilla Games
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One of the best ways to complete this is to use the Pullcaster and grapple up. From there, you can move pole to pole without attracting the attention of the machines. You’ll need to do it fast, as they will detect you if you stay in one place too long.

Silent Strike

To complete this trial, you’ll need to take down three enemies without alerting them. The easiest way is to glide or drop to them before using the R1 button.

Image Courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Use the poles to stay above the Tracker Burrower and find a position where you can take these enemies down. There’s also an option to sneak behind them, though it is difficult.

Silent Gliding

There is a short time required to complete the Full Stripes in this trial, but it’s easy to do. One of the fastest ways to gain height for the glide is to grapple to the pole and hit the circle button before reaching the top.

That will launch you into the air, and you’ll have enough elevation for a glide to Strike from Above. Do this in quick succession, and you’ll complete the trial with Full Stripes.

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