Paradox Pokemon is one of the latest unique additions to Gen 9’s Scarlet and Violet. They’re only accessible after you complete the main storyline. To catch them, you’ll have to visit Area Zero, and you’ll have to frequent this location if you want to collect the rarer varieties. Think of them like this generation’s Ultra Beasts. The version exclusives Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon are harder to find.

Can You Breed Them?

The most common method when breeding is the classic Ditto technique. Place them into a picnic with Ditto, where they can breed, and you can get potentially stronger versions. However, the game does not allow them to breed with other species. There is also no possible way to breed Paradox Pokémon with themselves, no matter how long you place them in the Picnic.

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It may be due to game balance, but it can also be related to their lore. Paradox Pokemon are from either the past in the future, somehow stuck in the current era (hence the name Paradox). One could argue that they are too biologically diverse to be capable of breeding. Their paradoxical nature may also disallow them to reproduce in the games.

You’ll have to suspend disbelief, but it is what it is. It doesn’t look like Game Freak will change its stance on Paradox Pokemon.

A Silver Lining

Despite the inability to breed, you still have many chances to catch Paradox Pokemon in the game. Aside from a frequent appearance in Area Zero, they also don’t have limitations with the game’s shiny items. That means you can use a Shiny Charm or Sandwiches to try and increase the chances of finding a Shiny version of these new Pokemon.

Upsides and Downsides

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Nintendo’s latest success, selling 10 million units within the first three days. It’s also the highest global sales for any of the developer’s games. Sword and Shield sold 6 million units during its first week. One reason for this rise in popularity is the noticeable evolution in gameplay. Game Freak is finally exploring the possibilities of an open world and other features they can do with the Switch console.

However, it does come with glaring technical issues. Bugs, unoptimized graphics and features are some of the criticisms for the game. Veterans believe that Game Freak is no longer as polished as what would be expected from modern game developers. Instead, they are relying on the popularity of Pokemon itself, riding its name despite some issues with Scarlet and Violet.

As such, reviews are mixed. Some love the new Pokémon and other features in the game. Others feel like it’s a downward trajectory since Sword and Shield. It is likely growing pain the developers could learn from to avoid problems with their future titles.

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