BTS V reaches Double Million Seller in Hanteo for Solo ‘Layover’ | ARMYs React

BTS V surpasses 2 million sales with Layover and becomes double million seller

The global superstars have again broken a record while pursuing solo endeavors. The South Korean singer BTS V became the first artist to reach double million-seller status on the Hanteo chart in the first week of the release of his romantic solo debut album Layover. Let’s explore the achievement through the reactions of their fandom, ARMY.

BTS V becomes the first artist to attain ‘double million seller’ in one week

As per the domestic album sales aggregation site Hanteo Charts, BTS V became the first artist to receive double million-seller status on September 15, 2023, with humongous sales. His bariton-laced romantic solo debut album Layover sold a total of 2,101,974 copies by September 14.

  • With this historical achievement, BTS V not only holds the record of being the first solo artist to attain over two million sales within one week of his album release but also the record as a member of the ‘double million seller’ group BTS.
  • The new-attained status adds to the exciting achievements of the South Korean boy group that is breaking records day and night while pursuing their solo projects. To understand the weight of this achievement, one must know that until now, only five artists have surpassed one million sales in the first week.

  • The top three spots on that list are also named under the ‘Take Two’ singers: BTS V for Layover, Jimin for FACE (1,454,223 copies), and SUGA for D-DAY (1,277,218 copies). Additionally, all of the three artists have attained this status within a day of their album release, proving their invincible popularity.

ARMYs react to BTS V’s ‘double million seller’ status

The fans of BTS V expressed their heartiest congratulations on the new elite status of the singer. ARMYs also shared how much they love his solo debut album Layover, which means a small halt in a long journey.

  • It is the perfect album to capture the current stage of the singer’s career, which has experienced significant challenges and fruitful results in the past decade. It also encompasses the singer’s passion for his art as he expresses various sentiments in the six songs backed with jazz and pop music.
  • This impressive tracklist, sung in the rawest baritone of BTS V, is led with the title track Slow Dancing and includes pre-released tracks Rainy Days, Love Me Again, Blue, For Us, and the bonus piano version of the title song.

HYBE labels announce merch release for Layover album

Following the recent success of the album, HYBE MERCH has announced an exclusive line of merchandise for BTS V’s Layover. The line includes a Magnet set (S – $25.90 and L – $33.90), a reversible pouch ($39.90), a disposable camera ($44.90), and a case sticker set ($21.90).

  • The merchandise also includes a CD-themed coaster ($17.90), a keyring ($39.90), a navy and beige cap ($48.90), an S/S and checklist T-shirt ($50.90), a Pet T-shirt ($33.90), and oversized T-shirt ($54.90).
  • The pre-orders of the merchandise begin on September 15, at 11 AM KST on the Weverse Shop. It will continue until September 21, at 6 PM KST, or until the items are sold out (much sooner than one can imagine). However, the purchase of a disposable camera is one per order.

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