Upcoming PS5 upgrade concept arts
Upcoming PS5 upgrade concept arts for PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 5 Slim - Image via Concept Creator

The rumored PlayStation 5 Pro will be Sony’s latest addition to the family. As per recent information from various outlets, it will take the gaming industry to a new level.

It is said to bring a much better experience through its state-of-the-art hardware and improved technology. Sony has been notorious for releasing PS upgrades right about three years from the main launch. Evident from the PS3 Slim and PS4 Pro both releasing three years after the major console, we can expect the same for PlayStation 5 Pro.

According to the said pattern, an expected release date for PS5 Pro can be chalked up around late 2023 or early 2024. With that on the way, here are five things you can expect to be featured in the rumored PS5 Pro.

PlayStation 5 Pro expected to add increased immersion and take gaming to another level

Performance improvement

As evident with any improvement in technology or tiers of hardware, performance is going to be one of the main factors to improve. And Sony will not be looking to disappoint its fanbase.

The rumored PlayStation 5 Pro will be coming with a much stronger and improved CPU and memory. Following the current market set and pattern of Sony, the PlayStation 5 Pro might be coming with an AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 processor with fabrication.

In addition, there will be PCIe 5.0 storage and DDR5 memory leading to an increase in performance, and lower load time, resulting in a seamless performance. The PlayStation 5 Pro is also rumored to support 4K and 8K gaming, which is a massive boost from the original PS5 version.

Improved audio and exclusivity of gaming titles

For the first time ever, the PlayStation 5 Pro will bring 3D audio, bringing in a whole new horizon of in-game experience. Sony has even released PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headsets to have the most immersion while enjoying titles.

The PS5 Pro is set to have a whole new set of exclusive titles that will only be available to its players. And those will be best enjoyed in the upcoming Pro version rather than PS5 usual.

Graphical and storage enhancements

With the improved CPU technology, it is quite natural that the GPU shall be improved to the current market norms as well. Sony will be improving the graphics unit to reach the level of immersion and frame rate it wishes to deliver.

According to recent leaks, it is expected that storage will be improved as well for a faster load time. And it might be increased from the current 825 GB to a whooping 1TB.

Changes in design

Some say the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro will feature a slightly bigger model. Others believe it will be a tad bit smaller than the current model. However, the design is not going to be changed much other than a much slicker and modernized look with a combination of white and black.


The DualSense controller was introduced with the current PlayStation 5 model. It features improved technology from the previous controller models and as has a built-in microphone. For the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, the controller will be upgraded a bit for improved gameplay and feel.

These are some of the expected features for the upcoming PS5 Pro model, all hanging in the wind as rumors. Nothing is confirmed yet so far.

It is no news that the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro will definitely be a game-changer in the current gaming market. Sony’s game-specific models receive much joy and praise, like the God of War bundle. Just like that, PS5 Pro will also revolutionize the PS gaming experience.

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