Rumor: Elden Ring DLC – What We Know So Far

There have been rumors that Elden Ring will be having a PvP arena DLC and many fans want an additional story DLC. Elden Ring provided players with a violent and difficult experience set in a gorgeous and mysterious open environment. This game is still possibly the most popular FromSoftware game out there, yet Elden Ring’s complexity has become one of its main selling features.

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Elden Ring enthusiasts have certainly invested countless hours in the game just a few months after its release. Many are expecting that FromSoftware will release DLC for the game soon.

Elden Ring DLC

More Elden Ring appears to be in the works, though it’s unclear in what manner. The possibility of it going beyond gaming might entail a variety of things. A statement about it going beyond the game feels open to interpretation and could point to future DLC.

There’s no way of knowing when the Elden Ring DLC will be available because no official announcement has been made. With that said, here is what we expect to see in the DLC.


  • The Night of the Black Knives – it was a night when a group of assassins sneaked into the Lands Between and murdered a number of superior beings.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Eurogamer via YouTube
  • The Shattering – is a massive fight amongst all the surviving demigods over the right to rule, with the legendary clashes between Malenia and General Radahn being the most renowned incident.
    Image Courtesy of Orithea via YouTube

    Image Courtesy of Misc Content via YouTube
  • Divine Tower Phenomenon
    • You may notice that when you find all of the Elden Ring Divine Tower sites, they all concentrate neatly around a focal place in an inaccessible region of water in the map’s very center, one veiled by cloud.

      Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube


Many Structures can be found across The Lands Between, towering, arena-like structures in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell that can’t be entered at the moment. However, some have hacked the games and discovered stadium sections within, leading most of us to assume that these will eventually be turned into PVP arenas.

Image Courtesy of Games from Mars via YouTube

These arenas might also be for boss fights or survival mode, with bosses appearing and eliminating one by one.

  • Elden Ring is, as previously stated, the company’s most friendly title, this also implies that FromSoftware might be soon releasing a DLC. It must account for the open world’s features while also producing new DLC which integrates into that environment.
  • It wouldn’t be shocking if every Elden Ring Boss DLC was as challenging as Malenia. FromSoftware will have to aspire for comparable heights if the new content is to engage fans of all skill levels.

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