Top 6 Best Rick and Morty episodes (ranked from worst to best)

Rick and Morty Best Episodes

[ADULT SWIM] Rick and Morty continued its whimsical adult animated sitcom with its 6th season. Through the years, we have seen a lot of Rick and Morty adventures with some already in the “Rick-of-Fame” of their galactical camaraderie (if that’s what you want to call it). However, only a few episodes of this show get to be chosen as our own Top 6 Best Episodes from seasons 1 to 6. Let’s get into it!

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6. “Pickle Rick” (Season 3: Episode 3)

Rick Sanchez as a sentient pickle is probably the most badass Rick transformation there is. Rick just literally became a pickle for fun!

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick

What was just meant to be an innocent excuse to refrain from going to the therapist turns out to be Rick’s most dangerous and whack adventure on Earth. Indeed he has gone to multiversal threats but being a pickle while taking down the mob? That’s just RICKdiculous! Plus, this episode is somewhat of a parody of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard which makes it even more hilarious.

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5. “Meeseeks and Destroy” (Season 1: Episode 5)

Mr. Meeseeks is definitely a picture you can hear. “I’m Mr. Meeseeks look at me!” is probably what’s going on in your mind right now.

Rick and Morty Meeseeks and Destroy

Meeseeks was made by Rick to be of assistance to the whole family, especially to Jerry. However, Jerry’s incompetence created a mess which escalated to a whole bunch of Meeseeks going berserk. Although Rick and Morty going on a separate adventure during this episode were also fun, Jerry, Beth, Summer, and the Meeseeks took over this one and outshined Rick and Morty’s intergalactic quest.

4. “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” (Season 3: Episode 4)

The Vindicators are the pure embodiment of “never meet your heroes”. The superheroes Morty idolized are sometimes not who they really are and a drunken Rick just proved it.

Rick and Morty Vindicators 3

The supposed mission of the Vindicators was to eradicate the team’s nemesis, Worldender. However, when Rick got heavily intoxicated, he unconsciously created a saw-style puzzle that eventually killed almost every Vindicator, except Supernova. With Rick’s envy and grudge against the Vindicators plus his being drunk, he accidentally (or purposely) exposed how shitty his teammates are.

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3. “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” (Season 2: Episode 6)

Rick is really a prick most of the time and the self-centered and egotistical genius sometimes likes to play God. In this episode, he did just that in Rick fashion.

Rick and Morty The Ricks must be crazy

Rick just answered the two-season-long question of how he powers his spaceship even though it seems that he never stops at a gas station – a microverse in his battery. Rick created a whole minute ecosystem filled with thinking organisms that are powering his vehicle. It’s unethical, to say the least, but Rick seems very fond of the idea. Surprisingly, his creation made their own microverse to power their world. Could we be seeing these creatures in the next seasons?

2. “Rixty Minutes” (Season 1: Episode 8)

One of the best episodes, if not the best, is where the whole family just sat on the couch and watched the television. This was the first episode where Rick introduced the Smith family to his interdimensional cable TV that featured an endless spectacle of shows from every dimension, hence the name.

Rick and Morty Rixty Minutes

What was supposed to be a fun-filled and cool afternoon of television viewing turned into an emotional battle between Beth and Jerry when they both struggled to accept their reality. Both of their alternate versions had different successes in the interdimensional cable shows but not once were they shown as a couple in an alternate universe. Truthfully, Beth and Jerry are made for each other but in order for them to stay together, they must sacrifice their personal satisfaction. Indeed it was sad but it was also heartwarming. Nice one Rick!

1. “Total Rickall” (Season 2: Episode 4)

You already saw this one coming from a mile, didn’t you?

Rick and Morty Total Rickall

Telepathic parasites suddenly invade the Smith household and slowly create false memories by disguising themselves as fictional characters. From Hamurai, to Photography Raptor, to Sleepy Gary, Rick Sanchez and the Smiths are on the verge of breaking down as they are already confused who is real and who is not. They even started to doubt their own selves! The Total Rickall episode is arguably the most entertaining and wonderful episode so far.

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